Five interesting facts about murals

Art has always made its way to the lives of people. Hadn’t it been for the colorful sceneries all around us, life would have been very boring. The beautiful artwork done by veteran professionals and some of the best artists in the world proves art can instill beauty and happiness in everyone’s lives. In this article, we will guide you through 5 interesting facts about murals which you probably didn’t know. Murals make great fashion statements and also prove as a solid home improvement option. People choose to incorporate them because they last longer and are less costly. Offices are incorporating murals because research says colors have an impact on the decision making of people. Some interesting facts about murals are:

1.      Mural speaks a thousand words

People think of murals as conventional painting which is just one of its multiple definitions. A mural has the power to convey a lot of messages and depict history. If you visit large hotels and restaurants which are inspired by the ancient warriors, you will find depth in each of those paintings. Sometimes murals give out a powerful message which could be related to politics, health, life, mysteries etc. so never underestimate a mural.

2.      Mural creating techniques differ

They say mural creation is the same for everyone out there. The truth is there is a large difference between creating a mural and differs from artist to artist. So if one artist starts by planting the pencil sketch first, the other one might serve the colors first. Murals are very differently created, so everyone has a varying approach to them. Don’t disguise them as a conventional painting.

3.      A mural can make a little space look big

The ethos behind incorporating murals in the house is not just to carve a smart fashion statement but also to make a room look bigger. Just as you install a lot of décor items in a room along with furniture, a single mural has the power to make a small room look bigger and spacious. If you see the modern houses, architects are opting for murals to give a magnified visual instead of putting a lot of stuff to decorate the space.

4.      Egyptian mural has a meaning

Egyptian artwork is not hidden from the world. Encrusted on the great pyramids of Egypt and the tombs of many dead emperors, murals always made special statements. You will be surprised to know in Egyptian mural; white color means purity and greatness. If you want such murals in your house which convey special meaning and messages you must visit right now. You can get custom design for your house.

5.      Ceiling murals are the toughest

People think it is easy for artists to paint the ceilings, which is an absolute myth. Ceiling murals are the toughest. The artists need to invest a lot of energy and effort into the artwork upside down. Many people who are naïve in this field often screw up things in the pursuit of painting. Therefore it is better to consult a veteran professional to do the work. However, with technology being so rampant, it is easy to get printed murals.


Just be confident with the choice you have made and incorporate murals in any part of your house or office to make the place look worthwhile. 


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