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~THE dust..bunny, a never ending story~

(dustbunnicus coolius). … (dustbunnicus sleepius)

Saga of the dustbunnys ….

They are natural organizers, calling like mermaids to falling dust motes. Hoping that they will decide to join their particular pack. On a sunny day watch, as the sunbeams illuminate the snowstorms of dust falling from…wait,…. where exactly is this dust falling FROM? Is the ceiling disintegrating?

Dust loves surface. Preferably cleaned recently, and it lies there, luxuriating in the lovely polish scent, thinking ‘happy dust-like’ thoughts. I wish i could get invited, so i can plot a counter attac.. Watching it lying there, I realize that my furniture polish (what does a family company mean exactly???) and duster efforts, are producing nothing more than a spa-location for dust. O.o i mean, i dont get to go to a spa for vaccuming.. 🙁

the dust bunnies talk about us…Just so you know….

If you listen when the house is really quiet, you can hear them whispering to each other. I have to admit I can’t make out the actual words, but the laughter is unmistakable, making the drudgery of cleaning so much more fun……

The laughter can be infectious. I run my trusty swifter across a surface, and despite its claims to trap the dust, much of it escapes doing cartwheels and laughing uproariously, settling onto freshly swiffed surface the minute your back is turned. I mean, you just have to smile…

Now, I realize that some of you may consider this cruel, certainly inhumane, but in the past I have been known to break out the big guns to get rid of them when they reach infestation level.



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Written by Karin Dahlén

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