Dark Days of December 2018

Thursday, 12.13.18

I glanced at my calender to notice a full moon on December 22nd, which will be on a Saturday. Nowadays, the full moon is known for satanic rituals and blood sacrifices. This full moon will appear at 12:49 pm, EDT, on Saturday, 12.22.18. It will also appear full during the night before. It is also known as the Full Cold Moon.

I took this first window display at the mall because it had masonic decoration in red and black, with black and white checkered design, Baphomet head, and other satanic symbolism.

This second one looks like it is aimed at kids with the Ninja turtle and its pizza. It reminds me of pedophilia pizzagate and child trafficking.

This third one was really saved on my iPhone. I didn’t know it saved it to my computer hard drive with the other snapshot.


What do you think?

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