Creative Ideas to Use Glass Jars for Decoration

The decoration is an important aspect of one’s life, be it home décor, party decoration, or festival decoration. When it comes to decorating home in a unique fashion, people use different decoration pieces to decorate their home. Lighting home differently always have a positive impact on the environment and mood of the people.

There are different types of decoration that can be used to brighten up your house. Some decorations are really expensive that some people can even afford it, and changing lights and decoration for every festival is not possible for people who are on a budget. So, how they can decorate their home or surroundings on special occasions?

Glass jars are the best and completely affordable way to decorate your surroundings. Although decorating your home on special occasions as well as at the time of home décor using glass jars, it is not something that will excite you, but you need to be creative to think out-of-the-box idea to use glass jars in a unique style.

There are many glass jar suppliers in the market that can provide high-quality glass jars that can be used for multiple purposes. Usually, when you hear about glass jar, the first thing that may come in your mind the one that you use in the kitchen for storing spices or powders. But, have you ever thought of using a glass jar for decorating your home?

Take a look at the creative ideas to use glass jars for decoration

Hanging pendant lights

Glass jars for pendant lights, isn’t it unique and classy as well? You can use LED bulbs or lights, and cover it with glass jars. It’s a creative idea that you can use to decorate your kitchen or garden.

Painted jars luminaries

You often get short of ideas when it comes to decorating your house on Christmas or Halloween. Glass jars can also use for such festivals. It’s just that you need to paint it to look as spooky as possible for Halloween and as bright as Santa or reindeer.


How about using a glass jar as a lace-covered candle holder? You can use your old sweaters or woolen clothes to cover glass jars and place a candle inside. It will definitely create a magical feel. This creative idea can be used to decorate your house on any occasion. You can even light the candles when you need to relax in a soothing atmosphere without much light.

Tiki Torch 

It is one of the perfect ways to decorate your house using glass jars. LED torches that glow and look fabulous with different colors always make you happy whenever you look at it. The torch doesn’t have any flames; it’s the light that can glow the area. You can even place such decoration piece inside your house. It can be placed on the shelves to have perfect light. People who like the soothing environment can even place it anywhere they want.

Glass jar backdrop

Glass jars are ideal for every occasion as it can be designed uniquely no matter what type of decoration you are planning. Glass jars can be perfectly used for backdrops. In parties and wedding ceremonies, backdrops are a must added place. How about decorating a backdrop with glass jars? Your guests will surely like the unique and stylish use of glass jars. It is also a perfect way to decorate the photo booth to click some awesome pictures.

Glass jar frames

Getting your pictures printed on glass jars or sliding a photo into a jar is an amazing way. People often use typical frames to place their pictures. You can use glass jars as a frame, and place it on the shelf or table where you like to get it displayed, or you usually place your photo frames.

Glowing firefly jar

It is one of the best ways you would love to use glass jars for. It definitely requires patience, but it is a creative way to use glass jars that can illuminate naturally. It creates a magical feel that you will surely love. You can place it anywhere in the house, and enjoy the magical lights for as long as you want.


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