Cost of Garage Doors – Repair vs Installation

Garage doors are not only an essential asset to every home but also to commercial warehouses. After all, besides making it easy for you to take the car inside just by the push of a button, they also add curb appeal to your property.

Garage doors come in use every day. They protect our vehicles from elemental damage and add to the security of the car (s) inside. When a garage door does so much for us, why don’t we do something for the trusted door too?

With frequent use and non-existent care, your garage door is likely to become a hindrance in your life. Faulty cables, crooked wheels, or some other damage might raise the flags for repairs or even the installation of a new door. Such circumstances raise countless questions about the costs. People don’t plan to invest $1000 in their garage doors every day.

Almost every person with a broken garage door has asked the following most frequented questions and here is our take on them.

How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost?

The cost of your repairs mainly depends on the problems you face. Loose or broken cables prevent your garage door from opening smoothly. Broken springs can be another factor causing this. Moreover, interruptions in the sensors and opener mechanism might cause obstruction in the smooth shutting down of your garage door.

National surveys reveal that average door repair costs around $230. But the difference ranges anything between $150 -$400. Lucky individuals manage to get a low-end repair worth lesser than $80. The high-end maintenance on the other hand cost around $600. Be careful with what you choose. The style of your door is the torchbearer of your expense.

How much do door spring, door cables, and wheels replacement cost?

Door Spring

The pricing of the door spring does not usually vary because of margin lengths. The high-end door springs cost $200 while the national average is only a few dollars less, $180. Lower-end repairs ask for $100. Technically, whether you choose the high-end or the lower-end, you are just paying for the labor. Purchasing door springs personally would cost around $25-$35 at most.

Door Cables

The cheapest component on your list of replaceable garage door components is the door cable. The cables are usually inexpensive, and you can replace them on your own if you’re familiar with mechanical work. Service providers typically charge $150-$200 for their input.


The pricing of wheels depends mainly on the pack you buy. There is a lot of variant prices available. Packages containing ten wheels cost you around $15 to the maximum of $20.

On the other hand, if you purchase twin packs, they are worth $5 to $9. The higher the quality of the wheels, the more you’ll have to pay. However, there’s a catch here. Prices are not necessarily a reflection of the class. The high costing pack of wheels may have unfavorable reviews. Beware of what you’re paying for!

How much does it cost to replace the door?

The most expensive part of a garage door is its installation price. It could cost anything between $730 to $1430. The average national cost of garage door replacement is $1067 precisely. The most lucrative price tag is worth $300. The high-end replacement can cost up to $2000.

Why is garage door maintenance essential?

Your garage door endures silent damage through regular wear and tear. Safety components of the door become inactive as the door ages. You may not even notice the destruction until the door stops functioning. The worst case scenario will be a visit to the ER if the door injures you or your loved ones.

Regular inspections and repairs may address the risk of damage and help you save the dollars an installation of a new door costs. If you find anything different in your door’s functioning such as the overhead lights flashing uselessly or the locks not working correctly, you should get it fixed immediately instead of waiting for the problem to double its magnitude. You might want to spend $250 today than spending $2500 the next month.

Faulty garage doors don’t troubleshoot themselves, professional technicians do! Proper inspections would keep the door working properly and save you the hassle of calling for overpriced emergency services. Perfectly functioning garage doors not only enhance the aesthetics but also add to the overall value of your residential property. Get your garage doors fixed, now!


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Written by Ashley