Condo Estates Home Decor Project

Friday, August 10, 2018

Since springtime, I have decorated interesting homes in Yoworld. This home is the Condo Estates theme, which is a Condo Association home along the California coast.

The first screenshot is of the front area. It is a gated community for wealthy families. Three animated teenagers are melting an animated burning laptop. Another kid is taking selfies, and there are two security guards watching for intruders.

In this second screenshot, my avatar sits on the couch in her bathing suit. She has the fireplace on because it gets cold and windy on the coast. This loft-like living space room consists of cozy living, cozy room for reading and sewing, the kitchen, and a small front patio in the foyer area. There are three cats sleeping by the window and bookshelves.

I call this third screenshot Bed Bath & Beyond because it consists of a simple and small bedroom with a pink chaise as a daybed, bathroom with an animated shower, lounging room for her 6 dogs, reading area, and two patios. Two more cats are sitting in the bedroom. There is an animated firepit in one of the patios.

This fourth screenshot is the parking area, where a jaguars, motorcycles, and scooter are parked. It is also the main street for this condo estates community. There is also an organic farmers market on this street for the tenants.

This fifth screenshot is the condo estates community park, where the tenants enjoy romantic picnics, meditation, riding their bicycles, lounging, and just hanging out. There is always a security guard on duty. Two little girls are playing together, while my avatar meditates on the park bench with her snacks.

This sixth screenshot is the Condo Association Pool area, which has a pool, jacuzzi, barbecue, cushioned lounge chairs, umbrellas, and wooden chairs. Even some wildlife, such as ducks and swans, are enjoying the pool and jacuzzi. My avatar is sitting in the jacuzzi.

This seventh screenshot is the Condo Estates Country Club, where the tenants enjoy their high society parties. My avatar relaxes in this big jacuzzi, while other people are mingling, eating, and hanging out with their horses. There are also some wildlife animals, such as hare, skunk, squirrels, and a raccoon.

This eighth screenshot is the front of the gym, which has tennis courts, surrounded by a small park. Two squirrels hang out, while my avatar sits on the bench waiting for her friend to drop by.

This ninth screenshot is first room of the gym, which has lockers, exercise equipment, bicycles hooked up to the wall, and an animated paddle ball game. My avatar is playing paddle ball with three other avatars.

The tenth screenshot is the yoga room, which has lockers, yoga mats, dumbbells, and some pets doing yoga. I even added a stationary bike on the side. The tall lockers are animated, in which can be opened and closed. This yoga class is titled My Furry Babies and Me Yoga. My avatar stands on her yoga mat, next to her gray kitty, who is doing her yoga stretches.

Most of these rooms connect to each other. There are a couple that I need to figure out how I will connect to the other rooms.

What do you think?

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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