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Common kitchen repair mistakes

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s very important that it is practical, durable and has a timeless design. If you plan to renovate a kitchen in the near future, these tips will give you inspiration – whether you plan to upgrade your kitchen or just refine certain areas.

Tiles and laminate

This combination is not suitable for the kitchen, but many people choose it because it is so beautiful. So the tiles are laid near the cabinets, and the laminate is used for remaining space, which creates a terrible T-shaped floor.

The tiles and laminate’s junction place is the dirtiest where moisture enters and dirt accumulates. There is no need to dream about the cleanliness of such flooring. It is advisable to choose either just a tile (a better option) or just a laminate (also a good choice) for the kitchen floor.

Not a suitable color

We do a lot of work in the kitchen, we spend a lot of time, so some colors help us not to see little spots quickly. The floor and other kitchen elements are best suited for a neutral color, such as a dark gray carbon tint.

Dark spots are immediately visible on the white surface and traces of dried water will appear on the black surface. In general, the rich black color is the most unsuitable for the kitchen and cleaning the black surface, the stains and the traces are inevitable. Even the stove is better to choose white.

Upper cabinets with handles

Cabinets with swing doors – the most convenient and the most exquisite option for the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if the door is opened with hinges, or it will be equipped with an expensive lifting mechanism. The most important thing is not to overload these facades with unnecessary handles – they only hinder and spoil the whole.

Upper cabinets not till the ceiling

Even if it is difficult to reach the upper kitchen cabinets, you can put there seasonal, rarely used items – after all, if you need to, you will use a chair, a ladder. Instead, such a solid cabinet system looks very nice, and there is no room left for dust, fat, old newspapers and other old things.

Too few sockets, poor lighting

Gentle, muted lighting is suitable for the bedroom, but not for the kitchen. It is better to think in advance of several lighting options so that all corners are visible at any time of day. Calculate in advance how many appliances you will use at the same time. According to experts, modern kitchens should have at least eight sockets.

Household appliances arranged inconveniently

It is most convenient to place household appliances at waist level, taking into account all persons who will use them. It is wise to calculate in advance the height of the appliances so that you do not need to tiptoe at a microwave oven or get up on the chair to remove the baked cake from the oven.

Heated floor

By saving or not trusting professionals, hosts often make repairs themselves and often do not avoid mistakes. And when the heated floor is already installed, it turns out that under the stove and under the fridge they are not needed. So plan ahead in advance for the technical equipment and furniture to prevent unpleasant surprises.


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