Circumstances When To Replace Your AC Filters

Dealing with air conditioner repair is inevitable in every household. This might be for simple tasks like a loose connection or a dying compressor. It can even be to replace your unit if it’s the most viable option. Filters are essential components in an air conditioning unit. Keeping the filters in good condition is the most important maintenance step to keep your AC working well.

With well-maintained filters, your indoor air quality significantly improves. The filters trap airborne particles to guarantee that everyone is free from allergens. Replacing the filters requires understanding when to do the needful and following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Below are circumstances to help you understand when to replace your air filters.

If you think the filters are old

Air filters have a short lifespan. When exposed to a less temperate environment, you’re likely to change the filters frequently. The rule of thumb is to change the filters at least after every three months. However, how your requirements determine how soon the filters get old. It is obvious that an AC that runs heavily will require a filter change much sooner. Leaving old filters in your unit makes it lose effectiveness. When selecting filters, opt for quality to ensure they live longer and work mu much better saving you money and stress.

High-energy bills

Apart from compromising your air quality, dirty filters also hurt your wallet. With restricted airflow because of clogged and dirty filters, the AC will have to consume more energy to heat or cool your home. Hesitating to change your air filters might see your energy bill going to about 30 percent more. Fortunately, requesting for Houston air conditioning service  including a filter change might save you about 20 percent on the energy bill.

It’s detrimental to let your air conditioner run with a dirty filter. You’re likely to end up with costly AC repairs and hiked energy bills. Regular cleaning during scheduled maintenance by a technician will prolong the life of your unit. In severe circumstances, replacing the gross and clogged filter with a clean one is the most viable solution.

Getting sick often

Regular allergies and asthma attacks are a sign of poor indoor air quality  obviously caused about by ineffective air filters. This requires getting replacement filters to prevent health problems from worsening. New filters will trap and eliminate pollen, dirt, fungi, animal waste, dust, and other air pollutants. These clog the filters and make them ineffective with time. This makes a filter change inevitable to ensure good air quality and to protect your household from health complications.

Possible damage to the AC unit

Is your unit breaking down regularly? Clogged filters might cause this and replacing them might be the solution to make your AC working effectively. The best quality unit can’t run well with a dirty filter. There’s a risk of problems such as spiking the energy bills and deteriorating ducts, coils, and internal components of the unit. Poor maintenance will make you end up with a hefty repair bill and expose you to poor interior space when you need it most.

Heavy foot traffic

Checking the state of your air filter is recommended during routine maintenance. However, this should be done more frequently for places with heavy foot traffic. If your home has pets and kids who are always moving around, your filters are likely to become clogged sooner than usual. Pet fun, dust, and pollen from outside are more likely to get to the filter much sooner. In this case, ensure to budget for filter change after a short while to maintain a great indoor environment.

Dead filters

Every home has different air conditioning requirements and related challenges. However, checking the filter and replacing where necessary is required. Keep in mind that when the filters are in poor state your AC might not work properly. Checking the filters regularly can prevent this. This might require a technician holding the filters up to a light source. If the light can’t pass through, it’s a sure sign that the filters must be replaced.

Bottom line

The air filter should be replaced at least once a month or later depending on your AC usage. A dirty and clogged filter needs replacement soon to keep the unit running efficiently. Maintaining the air filters will keep your family safe, lower energy bills, and create a good environment in your interior.


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