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Christmas Contest – Decorate Your Home and Win $5

Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes Christmas trees, garlands, ornaments, wreaths, candles, lights, ribbons, and oh goodness, what are you supposed to do with them all? Christmas should be all about magic, so don’t let stress over Christmas decorating make you lose the holiday spirit.

We are not here to stress you out, but encourage you to turn your home into a magical place of love and joy. Decorating is a fun holiday tradition, so Virily team has decided to give $5 to the Virilyan with the most beautiful Christmas decorations.

The purpose of this contest is to make everyone happy. We would love to bring the magic of the holiday into your homes, so if you have already decorated your homes – good for you – you can capture some photos and submit them immediately. If not, go ahead and draw some inspiration to make your home look as festive as possible with glitters and Christmas lights. As there are million ideas on the Net, there is something for everyone, whether you prefer more traditional decor or enjoy something a bit more modern.

What you should do?

  • Add pictures of your holiday decors
  • Or add a picture of your hometown decorated in the Christmas spirit
  • Collect votes by sharing the contest with your friends

Let’s inspire people from all over the globe to decorate their homes. Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas!



The money will be added up to the winner’s balance at the end of the month.

Submission & Voting End Date: 2017-12-25

#1 This is the way of celebrating Christmas in our hometown in the Philippines. On this photo is our public plaza where my fellow townmates filled our town park with ostentatious Christmas lights and some motley-colored Christmas figures.

I know this is not from our house, just want to share the Christmas spirit that's happening within our town at this moment of yuletide season. Hope you will inspire by our town's celebration guys. Have a Merry Christmas to you all and a Prosperous New Year !!! 😉

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#2 Christmas Decor devoted to the man’s best friend

My dear Virily friends, wish you a very happy Christmas! As you know, after 25 December 2018 year will start soon. And this year is a Year of the Dog according to the Chinese zodiac. So, some part of my Christmas home décor is devoted to the man’s best friend. Hope that my photo will give you a real Christmas mood! And once again - my sincere congratulations with Christmas!!!

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#4 It is a simple well used decoration and it’s special here’s why..

As you can see it is just a little snowman decorated with looped papers.  What you can't see is what is written on the inside of those papers. Every year at Thanksgiving we all write down the things we are thankful for and the things we love. And then we loop them and attach them to our snowman. On Christmas night, after everything has settled down we gather, take off the loops, read them and put them in our scrap book. We have a naked snowman until next Thanksgiving.

Is he the beautiful decoration? Well in our world he is and he's much more than a decoration. He is a symbol of the things we love and what Christmas means to us. I am honored just to share him with you.

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    • Thanks, we think it is fun. It creates a little more gratitude for the season and we have years to read what we thought was so wonderful.

      One year the youngest was Thankful that he only had two hands because it would take forever to wash 5 of them!


#5 Christmas Decorations in Sofia, Bulgaria

These are some of the decorations in my hometown. Happy Holidays!

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#6 Happy Holidays

My little tree, and the prepared presents for my loved ones. They all wrote a letter to the good white-eyed old Santa Claus. I hope to see their happy smiles by opening their presents. For you cheerful and happy Christmas holidays.

© 2017 -Elenka Smilenova  All Rights Reserved

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#8 Christmas tree in Vilnius, Lithuania

First of all, I want to wish happy Christmas to all my Virily friends who celebrate it. Christmas is a celebration of love, proximity, simplicity, and goodness. Christmas is almost right here. Everything shines with a luminous and magical excitement, and the first serious snow and cold add even more to the feeling of Christmas, more and more toys, garlands and flashing lights fill the city and home spaces. Like this shinning Christmas tree in my country. Let the Christmas opens the doors of our heart, count the spoken words of goodness and love, our smiles and hugs to others, and brings a great year to everyone.

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#9 Cats Are Decorating Home For Christmas

I didn't intend to participate this competition because I won't decorate my house this year. Not because I've lost my fate, or because I don't like decorations, but because I have a plenty of "helpers" who are looking forward to play with all those shiny things. Yes, those are my cats. They are really nice until they see all those colorful, shinny, moving ornaments. For all of you who have no clue how it looks like, I made this "right before Christmas" scene. Enjoy! 😀

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#10 Christmas Gingerbreads

Last year, we did so much to around our house, but baking and decorating these gingerbreads was the best time we ever had! 🙂 As you can see we made some Christmas tree thingy too. It was so hard to make it but... When my sister came home from Prague... she ate it all. So, yeah. But I'm happy she liked it.

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