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Best ideas and tips for classic interior design style

The classic interior design style is inspired by Antique and Renaissance. People who like elegance, clarity, and solid image choose this style. It’s a style that does not olden and never goes out of fashion. Choosing this style you will not lose anything – it will not only serve you for a long time but will also create a sense of solidness and elegance at home. The interior and furniture design of Classic style is characterized by symmetry, straight and clear lines, perfect proportions, luxurious and high-quality materials.

You will not find any modern element or modern product, including a TV set, washing machines or stainless steel products in the pure classic interior. Therefore, in today’s pure classical dwelling-house interior exist only in the textbooks. After all, one of us would hardly agree to return his way of life to the Middle Ages or even further to Antique. However, the classic interior style, although adapted to the needs of a modern person, is one of the most popular in the world.

Highlights: high ceilings, moldings, columns and pillars, a lot of mahogany with brass trim, marble (for example, table and other furniture surfaces); crystal luminaries and decorated by patterns floor lamps.

Colors. The classic interior uses all the colors of nature: deep blue, all brown shades, yellow, green, gray. All the shades of burnt clay are also popular. Bright pastel wall hues (yellow, gold, beige, light or pale green, peach) harmoniously match the colors of warm wood furniture.

Sometimes are chosen bright and dark colors, such as green, dark blue, or blue, contrast with white ceilings, embossed by molds. The black color can be used to frame, emphasizing the importance of some elements in the interior.

Furniture. The furniture itself, like all elements of the classical interior, shines with luxury, but they are in regular geometric shapes, made of quality wood: mahogany, walnut, patterned birch. They are mostly handmade, made of precious wood and stand out in regular lines. The furniture itself can be slightly decorated with classic flowers or lace-like motifs. Amongst the plethora of choices, recliners for sleep have become the most popular one. Everyone from couples to bachelors opts for them. This is due to the fact that they are very elegantly designed, and look very fashionable.

Arrangement. The classic interior design starts with a center of focus, which can be an antique-style fireplace, chest of drawers, a massive dining table, kitchen island or an impressive staircase, on which the other elements of the room fit in. Also, the classic interior is unimaginable without Roman columns, busters or huge vases.

The second feature is an ideal symmetry. The room is divided in half, in the middle of it stands the main selected accent. All the furniture in the room, the elements of the decoration, are symmetrically arranged about the main accent so that to make each other mirror reflection. This means that all elements of the decor: vases, lamps, bookshelves must be two, four, etc. so that they can be symmetrically arranged in a mirrored manner.

Decoration. For the furniture upholstery, curtains, and sometimes for the walls are used luxurious materials: silk, damask, velvet, cotton and other natural, non-glossy, non-loaded by patterns products. To make the interior livelier, the exclusivity can be made by the elements of silk or taffeta, combined with prevailing linen or cotton. The corduroy is also no exception and it is perfect for furniture upholstery.

The curtains are usually laced by inserting decorative patterns.

The materials used for floor decking are those that predominated in antique interiors: wood, marble, stone, slate or other natural stone. Often tiles are arranged to form geometric patterns, which blend into a single original, original pattern or even a picture.

Classical interiors are characterized by conservative patterns. For large spaces particularly are suitable large, repetitive vertical lines. This motif can be printed on heavy fabric curtains or wallpapers. If the room is smaller, plant motifs or fancy lace patterns will also work great. Especially lightweight wavy lines are suitable for cushions or upholstery decor. They create a sense of softness, comfort, and luxury.

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