Are You a First-time Home-buyer? Here's Why Should Consider Buying a Condo –

While many people agree that a single-family starter home is a good first step into homeownership, Condos may prove just as good a fit, and sometimes even better depending on several factors.

A condominium, or condo, as it’s often called in the U.S. is a living space very similar to an apartment, except that it’s independently sellable and is therefore regarded as real estate. Condos may offer various advantages, save you money, and a lot of hassle that is usually followed by buying a stand-alone house.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Condos :

Condos require less maintenance. As an owner, the only aspect to worry about is the interior, and there’s no need to fuss about maintaining grounds, cutting grass, and other things, making it the preferred choice for busy professionals and retirees.

  • Condos are also relatively cheaper than houses, which implies a reduced down payment and lower monthly payment.
  • Many of the larger condo neighborhoods offer their residents shared amenities that may include, among other things- fitness centers or gymnasiums, swimming pools, and parks.
  • Shared amenities can also make it easier to socialize or get to know your neighbors.
  • Because condos are smaller and there are more units packed per area, they’re often close to cities and active and vibrant downtowns that may offer an easy commute to workplaces, option to try on new restaurants, go shopping, or engage in other cultural activities.
  • Condos appreciate over time, just like single-family homes.
  • Condos usually offer locked gates, doorkeepers, and security professionals. This means a reduced risk of break-ins and therefore considered to be safer.

While stand-alone houses have a lot to offer, it may be preferable for individuals to seek a condo because of the aforementioned pros. It is therefore, entirely based on what the buyer expects or wants from the potential house.

While buying a house and a condo is different in my aspects, in regards to ownership and the owner’s rights to remodel, for example, there are things you should keep in mind before buying a house, regardless of the kind of residence you’re buying.

  • Hiring a professional home inspector to check the place for defects and issues is always a good decision. Additionally, insist on a thorough termite inspection to be on the safe side. (haven’t found a qualified professional for the job? Why not try home inspector in Brooklyn NY).
  • Check out the neighborhood carefully. Talking to neighbors before making an offer might be an even better idea. It gives you the opportunity to see what your potential neighborhood looks like, the kind of people that live there as well as other information that might help with the final decision.


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