An Unexpected Day and a Pain(t) full Surprise

A day is always fine when it starts, but the turn of events changes its mood till the end. I also had an amazing start of the morning with my favorite scrambled eggs and waffle breakfast but what was about to happen didn’t make my checklist before. I was about to go check on my baby boy that the cleaning lady’s scream announced a tragedy in the living room. Upon my entry I found out that the baby was wide awake and had a crayon in hand, oh let me correct it a bunch of crayons in both hands. He was trying to create some multi-dimensional art work by holding them all together in both little hands and rubbing them on the off white painted wall.

I was initially shocked and felt like screaming, but no sound came out. My voice seems to have preferred staying inside scared of the horrific view in front. Harry was strangely annoyed on being disturbed by the reaction of two ladies and after giving us a big frown, continued his creative endeavor again. I had to practically run to him and take away the criminal crayons.  This felt like a crime scene to me as my gorgeously painted living room now looked like a graffiti museum. It took both of us to a while calm down the crying boy and get out of the shock of what happened.

I then had to decide whether to wait for my man to come back home or to start the repairing process myself. Off course I am not that skilled to do that I mean I wanted to call a team from commercial painting services in Apex NC so that the horrific image in my living room could be erased effectively. When the experts arrived, I was impressed by their appearance because all of them looked prepared to start the job right away.

We initially had some discussion about what I wanted to be done about that fiasco. I cannot forget the look on the face of those guys when they saw that piece of art. I am sure few of them hid their laughs pretty well as they are trained to be empathetic towards clients. I secretly appreciated that because I couldn’t take it as the scene was hurtful for me. The technicians were certified and belonged to a company known for providing the best in Apex NC.

I was literally mesmerized by their portfolio and array of choices they gave me. It seems difficult to select as I didn’t plan on remodeling and had no idea what to do so that the new paint job on one wall does not look odd in comparison with the others. The folks were kind enough to guide me through regarding various paint textures and designs. Finally, I found the perfect design that could complement the rest of my living room. A disturbing day ended with a new and fresh start for days to come.


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