An Antique Bed: A Perfect Addition to Your Home!

When you are looking for a bed, you must be looking for something unique. Bed is the focal point of your bedroom – who wouldn’t like to give the centre of attraction a facelift?! After all, you spend about 8 hours of the 24 hours of a day in this room, on the bed, if not more! A nice change in the bedroom décor is always a good idea! The modern designs are mostly minimalistic. To jazz up, what you need, is to find a good shop with its collection of antique style beds!

Scared that the lavish and royal wooden beds can take up a lot of space! Antique also encompasses iron beds. So, why not look at an iron bed for your bedroom?! It ensures that you get a good night’s sleep and also leave a whole lot of space in the room for other furniture. The best part of adding a bed made of iron, you have a modern look as well! So, the change is subtle, but not mellow.

Why Consider an Iron Bed for Your Bedroom?

When you choose a bed with an iron frame, you also gain a lot of perks. The construction goes perfect with your modern décor and also offers support to the mattress. The support prevents the mattress from sliding off. If, you are still feeling like swaying away from the iron beds, then have a look at the perks:

1. Convenience: The beds made of iron are assembled using nuts and screws, which make assembling and dismantling an easy job! Thus, this has the advantages of moving it around the house, if you wish to change the bedroom. If, you are moving, then iron beds make it a hassle-free job. Wooden beds look elegant, but moving them from one property to another or, even from one room to another can be difficult!

2. Easily Available: The metal beds come in a variety of sizes, so you can get the bed of your choice. The various sizes available range from single beds to the king sized beds and everything in between. The best part, you can change the look of the antique iron beds by painting the frames. This would ruin the antique look, but you have the choice, which would be lacking in any other kind of antique bed.

3. Durable in Nature: It is the law of nature that metal lasts longer than wood. So, it is obvious that the iron beds last longer as they can resist the wear and tear. You can always add a layer of anti-corrosive coating to reduce the chances of the beds falling prey to rust. This way you can keep the bed looking brand new for a long time.

4. Enhance the Style: The design of the iron beds help add a distinct style to the rooms. This helps you to enhance the style of your bedroom. It is an added advantage along with the durability and high quality of the iron beds.

What else do you need in a bed? You already have comfort, style, durability and so much more. Now, that you know about the hidden treasure trove of perks that a bed made of iron presents to you.  You need to realize the advantage of purchasing antique iron beds. Here are some of them:

1. Aiding Mother Nature: When you invest in antique furniture, you are reducing the chances of metal pollution. So, you not only get an amazing bed, but also get to help Mother Nature.

2. A Piece of History: Most antique beds are quite old, so they bring with them a slice of history. This can make it an amazing addition and gain appreciation from guests and visitors at your house warming party, or a get together, where you can show-off your bed to guests.

We have already made it clear about the style that an antique bed of iron adds to the bedroom. So, what are you waiting for, start shopping! Search for a reputed furniture shop that has in stock a vast range of antique beds in Melbourne to shop from. Find the one that suits your décor, style and preference to create a beautiful bedroom.


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Written by CaitlynBell


  1. When I was young my father purchased a house that was built in 1889. It was completely furnished with antique furniture. I have three antique beds in my home.