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Advantages of Installing Polished Concrete Benchtops in Kitchen

Kitchen platforms can be of different types, but the most common and traditional ones are the polished concrete benchtops. Concrete slab usage is a common practice especially when someone does not want to spend or is not economically stable to spend some money on the kitchen benchtops. Few people build polished concrete benchtops at their backyards or the barbeque space using DIY method that is instant and can be prepared with self-equipment and materials. To prepare a benchtop it is important to know the amount of cement, sand, and water required, proportionately.

Other than these, budget-conscious customers l construct concrete benchtops for the following reason.

  • Low Cost: Installing benchtops or platforms made out of blacktop stone can be more expensive than the polished concrete benchtops.  All you need is the correct proportion of cement, sand, and water which involves no extra expenditures on materials. The polished layers can be further made attractive by adding colors that vary from black to red. Various colors combinations are available and the color pigments are known as ferric oxides.
  • Durable: Concrete has proven to be the most durable composition, so the constructions are carried out using concrete materials along with steels or iron rods. The polished concrete bench tops can also be used in pantries or other places where slab projection is required to store products. Extended benchtops in the kitchen walls exterior attached to the dining space can be used as a place for serving food. It can also be used as a dining table for serving foods and snacks.
  • Adding New Layers: In future the polished concrete benchtops top layers can be replaced with stones or tiles. If you are now unable to add any layers or place any modern benchtops you can place or fix new modern tiles on the benchtops.
  • Involves Less Maintenance: Almost no maintenance is required when people install benchtops in their homes or offices.
  • Stain resistance: a Kitchen is a place where plenty of cooking and culinary activities takes place in a day So, So it is better to use stain resistance benchtops for culinary and cooking purposes.
  • Heat Resistance:  Homemakers prepare hot and delicious foods only in the Kitchen and they can easily place hot and steamy utensils on these natural benchtops and serve foods conveniently to others. So, the immaculate features of stain resistance in polished concrete benchtops make it one of the best-opted benchtops.

Polished Concrete Benchtops In Restaurant

Commercial-grade countertops mix or benchtops are one of the best concrete benchtops that are used for commercial purposes in restaurants and hotels as a high quantity of food items are cooked and delivered. Apart from the polished concrete benchtops, steel made benchtops are also used for commercial purposes but the maintenance of the later is higher compared to the first one.

Polished concrete benchtops are one of the popular platforms that are on high demand. The polished tops of the benchtops provide an extraordinary lucrative layer. The layers appearance can be changed depending upon the amount of polish rubbed on the top layers.

Sealants May Change the Colour of Polished Concrete Benchtops

Sealants are used to cover the surface of the concrete benchtops; topical sealers are used to cover the surface of concrete and protect the top layer. Penetrating sealers are used to resist any sort of moisture to penetrate through the concrete surface known as densifiers and repellants. The UV layers sometimes change the colors of the top layer due to the presence of the sealants.

Polished concrete should be cleaned with water and if intense grease or oil is present then Ph-neutral cleaners are available.


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