9 Ways to Give Your Home a Well-Traveled Look

Do you want your home to have a well-traveled look? Maybe it’s because you love being on the road, or maybe it’s just because that is the trend right now. Whatever your reason, there are some things that you can do to achieve this look. There are a few ways to give your home the look of someone placed and seen things. The best way is to mix your decor with souvenirs, photographs, maps, art, area rugs of different regions, and other items that represent where you’ve been. If this sounds like too much work for you, then I have some good news: there are plenty of items out there that already do this for you! We’ll show you how to incorporate them into your space so it doesn’t feel as if you’re throwing everything together willy-nilly. There are many great reasons to have a well-traveled home. The first one is that it looks trendy and fresh without being too “touristy,” as some people might call it. Another great reason is that you get the chance to see all of the amazing things from around the world right in your own house, which can help with homesickness or make you want to travel more! If you’re ready for an adventure, check out these tips on how to give your home a well-traveled look.

Wallpapers for Great Look

Give your home a sophisticated look with some great wallpapers. Choose from different countries and cities to get the right mix of your favorite places. A map pattern wallpaper is a good choice for those that are looking to travel the world. It’s also worth noting that some of these patterns can make your home feel more cozy and welcoming, which is perfect if you’re not traveling as much anymore! You can also opt for big cities like New York or London-themed wallpapers, which can give your home a more modern yet travel-inspired look.

Patterns of Different Tribes

If you’re looking for a more intense look, then consider using patterns from different tribes. These are designed to resemble the traditional fabrics of various cultures worldwide and can be used in any room – even your bathroom! Think about adding some personalized touches like these tribal patterned pillows on your couch or bed. You can also find different patterns on throw blankets, candles, and even rugs. If you’re still unsure which way to go, read “How Wanderlust Has Influenced My Home Decor” for more ideas.

Dressers and Mirrors for Display

Every well-traveled home needs some great, decorative dressers or sideboards to put all those souvenirs on display! But don’t stop there with just one piece. Find a few more in different styles and colors so you can see the contrast. You’ll also want a matching mirror to go over the dresser, as well as some other decorative mirrors around your home so you can catch that final glimpse of yourself before heading out on an adventure!

Art of Different Countries

Explore the world through art by buying artwork made in other countries or painting on canvas yourself. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn and pick up on by just looking. Just make sure to buy art that’s nice enough for your home, not so cheap it falls apart when you bring it back! Decorate your walls with a world map or hang up artwork from all the places you’ve been.

Create a Community Hammock

Get together with friends or family members and create a group hammock in the living room. You can use sturdy coil hangers and a hammock rope to make it look great. It is an excellent way to relax with good company, or for kids who are just getting too big for the couch! Cover it with a bohemian or any tribal pattern rug or runners to give it a more worldly feel!

Furniture From Worldwide

Add in furnishings that represent different areas worldwide, such as South American folk art for the bedroom or African tribal patterns. Give a middle eastern touch to the dining room with beautiful rugs on the floor and velvet curtains for a Royal feel. The low seating style of the Middle East, the leather sofa of typical American homes, the wooden furniture of Spanish homes, or the sleek style of Parisian homes can all be used to add a little something different. Mixing the furnishing style up in this way is an easy and inexpensive way to make your home feel more worldly.

Rugs & Textiles

There’s certainly no shortage of textiles in this world; from rugs to tapestries, you can find something that suits your personality. They don’t have to be expensive either – many people can find rug and tapestry styles for free by scouring local yard sales or thrift stores. This is a great way to get started with adding some international flair without spending anything but the time it takes you to find it. Investing in colorful Turkish runner rugs or Moroccan kilim textiles can also really add to the cosmopolitan feel of your home.

Wall Hangings, Tapestries, & Artwork From Different Countries

A beautiful wall hanging or piece of artwork from another country often brings a touch of their culture into our own homes, no matter how large the space! Wall hangings are a great way to create an instant focal point in any room, but adding tapestry or other wall hanging styles will give you that extra bit of dramatic flair as well as truly set off your walls like nothing else. Moreover, artwork from different countries is a fantastic way to commemorate your travels and give you something wonderful that reminds you of the time when life was more carefree.

Crockery Collection

One way to give your home a well-traveled look is to collect pottery from different countries. For example, a french dinner set or a set of china dishes from Italy. These are affordable and easy to find at your local antique or junk store, but if you want something new, there are plenty of options online as well! Nowadays, Turkish tea sets and Moroccan tea sets are all the rage!

In the End

The idea of traveling is exciting, and if you can’t afford to do it full-time or enough, there are ways to bring the world into your home. You could buy beautiful rugs in different countries patterns at RugKnots that will have a similar effect as walking around an art gallery every day. Plus buying from places like this helps create opportunities for communities worldwide, which is pretty awesome! 


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