7 Popular Home Improvement Trends in 2019

Being simply opposed to moving on to another property here, several homeowners are now staying put to renovate their existing homes. It can add a lot of value to your property uplifting the existing living space as when it comes to home refurbishments things can be pretty simple and effective.

Your property is likely the single big investment that you will be making as it is not a decision that should be taken lightly when you know which home improvements to invest in. the following are 7 top home improvement trends that should be followed in 2019:

1. A New Bathroom

This is a place where you need to prepare yourself for the day ahead and relax with a bath in the evening as your bathroom is a room that will be visited by your guests here. Remodeling your bathroom can be a great value addition to your home and this plays a huge role here.

You need to choose to keep the layout of your existing bathroom if they work for you in the best way ever if you want to revamp your bathroom along with keeping your costs down. This will be saving you the hurdle of moving the pipes.

You also need to choose the best options here as you need to think about the motivation for the improvement of your bathroom here.

You also need to opt for neutral, flexible and simple options that could work with future buyer if you are remodeling. You also have the freedom to be a bit more creative here if you have no plan to sell your home.

2. A Loft Conversion

When you are looking forward in increasing your living space that depends on your property then you might have a greater number of choices on what you can well do for a new room as a loft conversion is a cost-effective way here. You can also convert the space into almost anything you please if you have a large loft with plenty of headroom in it.

If it is done properly, the most popular option here would be to add an extra bedroom to your home to increase the value of your property here. It is also worth considering the addition of an en-suite bathroom to an attic bedroom if space and budget allow it.

3. A Garden Makeover

The most popular trend that is being witnessed in 2019 is spending more time in the garden itself.

When you are looking forward to improving your outdoor space it can add a lot of value to the property when you have a tidy, well-designed garden.

You can add a lot of curb appeal to a property when you create a garden which is additional space in your home for entertainment and relaxation.

Adding a driveway along with it can increase a lot of the aesthetic value of your home when taken the help of the asphalt pavement construction services.

4. A New Kitchen

Kitchen is the busiest room of the house as this is the heart of your home for you and your family. You can add a huge amount of value to your home that can generally improve the look and the feel of your entire home when it comes to remodeling your kitchen.

This is the place where you usually socialize as the kitchen is not only meant to prepare meals. Here you entertain your guests, eat, drink as well as relax.

5. A Home Office

More than ever, some people are enjoying the flexibility at work while they are working from home. When you add a home office to your property it can add a real benefit to your space here irrespective of whether or not you run your own business.

You can well create a home office with some simple renovations as many people usually convert the spare bedrooms into the office spaces if you have sufficient space to do the same.

6. An Extension

You can also add a lot of value to the property when you add some extra square footage to your home. This can be used to add some additional downstairs space for a new kitchen, dining room as well as for office as you can well choose a single-story extension here.

It is likely to increase the value of your property as you will be adding some extra space no matter how you choose to use your extension all you need is to be a bit careful here.

7. A Conservatory

When you are looking forward to adding some spice and style to a home for many years setting your trend here through the buildup of a conservatory.

This is a popular thing that is done here. You can add up a new room to your home as a conservatory is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways.


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