6 Tips to Better Reorganize Your Rooms

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

  • Pick your style and color palette. Like fashion, it is important not to pick more than 3 colors—two complementary colors and one accent color. My main style is probably cozy cottage with an industrial edge. My colors include light wood colors and metals, with accent on blue as well as prints, which fits in the cozy boho style. Therefore, my style is basically cozy and comfy, with the accents of metals, cushions, throws, and pillows as well as baskets. 
  • Figure out a functional layout. I, too, have two sofas, which I have had since the eighties, when I moved in my townhouse during my last year in college. So, mine are kind of old now, and I have decided to renovate them with blankets and pillows to give them a boho cozy look. I had also bought a long cushion for each sofa from Urban Outfitters, which fits perfectly. I placed my sofas in an L shape, in front of the fireplace and slide door, like a cozy nook, around an old coffee table that I think my brother made. The only reason I took it was because it is made from pine wood, and I have always liked pine. But it was wobbly. So, I just pulled off the gay legs, which wasn’t hard…he sucks in carpentry…and I added a birch wooden stand I had from IKEA underneath. The coffee table now looks a lot better because it has a modern face-lift. Then, I just decorated my coffee table with my usual candle décor and metal items I ended up taking from my late parents’ house. There are different metals, as well as some glass pieces, which gives it that industrial look, but still fits into a boho style.
  • Pick a focal point or 3. I have never really thought about focal points. So, I guess mine are actually two nook areas I created in my living space. The first one is the fireplace, which I don’t really use because I might be absent-minded and accidentally burn the house down with my shitty luck. But I still like fireplaces. So, I have a cool 3D picture of a shipwreck on top that I have always had since I moved here from my parents. It basically sets the theme for my cozy cottage style. It is surrounded by candle décor and sea shells from my late parents’ house. My second focal point is the plasma HDTV, which I have had for a while now and I just noticed a green streak on the left side of the screen. It came with a nice silver and black glass TV stand, which has a modern industrial look, although I now realize that I need to get a new TV soon. Maybe next year. I added cozy cushions, pillows, and blankets in front of it. I sometimes relax there and watch TV, read magazines, or read a book. I ended up taking all the tall hookahs from my late parents’ house because my stupid brothers didn’t want them, although I was happy with taking only one for décor. I kept my wicker furniture I had from the eighties, and just gave them a new look with new cushions, pillows, blankets as well as metal décor pieces in interesting shapes and sizes. (I do have these metal shelfing pieces that I created a high tower. It kind of looks like a cityscape tower for now, which fits with my theme. I like the look because it is silver and it fits in with the industrial look. But I feel I need to reorganize it into a new look or shape because I still use it for organizing living space items. I will leave it as is for now until I think of a better way to put it together).
  • Cozy pieces, such as pillows, baskets, blankets, and rugs, which I have.
  • Conceal pet items, which I haven’t done yet. I actually haven’t really figured out where to place them in a decorative way. One cat bed is on the cushions and the other one is by the slide door. I might put the other on my couch or in my office nook corner. But I am not really sure yet.
  • Add finishing touches, such as accessories, which includes art pieces, plants, books, and other décor pieces. I don’t need any finishing touches. I do have one old fake palm tree plant that I have had since I moved into the townhouse. Real plants don’t last with me long.


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