6 Factors to Check Before Buying LED Panel Lights

If you’re looking for most energy efficient lighting solution for your home or office space, you must have considered buying LED Panel Lights. They are a sensible alternative to both fluorescent and incandescent lighting, making it one of the best choices for lighting.

But the question is:

Do you really know what to consider before buying LED panel lights?

We have prepared this article to guide you through the details that you must think through before purchasing panel lights.

Choose a design that goes with your theme

Why settle only for making it easy on your pockets? Try making use of a range of designs and styles that LED panel comes in to uplift your home décor. LED panel lights distribute light uniformly and have a sleek and slim dimension.

Add a floating effect to your interior by placing these thin panels behind your pieces of arts and in tight spaces. Create a pleasant working environment by bringing sky and cloud passing effects to your ceiling with LED panel lights. Make sure that you don’t pick something that looks out of place, otherwise, it will destroy the very look you were trying to enhance.

Measure your ceiling grid before choosing a size

You go to the shop and happily buy the perfect LED panel set that goes with your design. But what good it will do if it does not fit. You should first understand detailed information about your existing ceiling grid. The current ceiling grids that LED panel lights to fit are 1200 x 600, 600 x 600 and 1200 x 300. Don’t miss out having enough space for proper ventilation. You can bring in and fit LED panel of other dimensions, but for that, you have to go through the retrofitting process which is both time and cost consuming.

Proper planning: Don’t over-light a space

You might consider replacing your fluorescent lights by LED light panels with rating identical in terms of lumens. This will result in over-lighting your space and make it too bright for long-term use. In fluorescent bulbs, a large amount of light is directed upwards and is unused. But, with LED panel lights all the light produced is directed downwards. So, recalculate the required LED panel light’s lumen before buying.

Colour temperature of LED panel

The colour you choose depends solely on your preference. But, to make an informed choice you first have to know about them. The three most common LED colours are natural (white), warm white, and cool white. If you intend to get a modern feeling in your office, school, commercial and retail space then choose the cool white colour. But, the downside to having this colour are sleeplessness, affects moods, and more frequent headaches. The typical colour temperature for cool white colour is 4000K to 5000K.

As the temperature falls to around 2700K to 3000K, it falls under warm white colour. Ideal for areas likes nursing homes it gives off a traditional tone close to that of filament lamps. For mimicking the sunlight in your basement and garages, it’s best to go with natural lights of temperature around 2700 to 3000K.

Motion sensor: Your energy efficient solution

It’s time you start integrating your life with science. It has the power to make your life easier and energy efficient. Many LED panel lights now come with motion sensors integrated within them. These sensors detect if there is any motion within the room and if within a particular time there is no motion the light turns off. When anyone enters the room, the light will automatically turn on. It is the perfect solution if you want to get your cost down even more.

Emergency lighting panels

In case of emergency does your house have proper security features? What if a fire starts and electricity is cut down? How do you get to safety through the dark?

For times just like this, there are the emergency LED panel lights. Even after power failures, they can provide some lights for up to 3 hours. Getting these lights set up in the escape route can be a lifesaver.

Now that you know the crucial factors you should look out for, I hope you are ready to buy your preferred LED panel lights. You can choose from the different options to give your space a nice, comfortable and peaceful look.


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Written by Chris Freeman

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