6 Bathroom Remodelling Tips to Make the Most of Small Spaces!

Upgrading a bathroom is one of the sure-shot ways to enhance the value of your homes. A pretty, creatively designed, functional bathroom is the highlight of any home, having a permanent spot on the bucket list of most homeowners. But, it’s not always that easy. Bathroom remodelling can turn out to be quite challenging, especially in the case of petite bathrooms. When you are confronted with a limited amount of space to work with, you start feeling constricted by the space, and at times, even the budget.

But, what’s the good news? With the correct guidance, mind-set, and help from an experienced remodelling service, you can transform your tiny bathroom into a stunning space. If you are of the idea that small bathrooms are destined to be dull and boring, well you are wrong. It’s time to bust these remodelling myths as we tell you how to renovate your small bathroom in the most space-efficient and aesthetic way ever. Just make sure to choose a service that offers efficient bathroom renovations in Sydney. Pinnacle Constructions and Design have the required skills and experience to transform your old, and outdated bathroom into a modern and functional one. They offer top-quality design and remodelling services at the best of prices.

Tips for space spacing bathroom renovations

Converting your house into a home requires quite a bit of creative thinking and efficient design solutions, especially when you are working with smaller spaces. People are increasingly looking for space saving and storage solutions, particularly in their bathrooms. But, taking the help of correct renovation builders in Sydney, you can get the most out of your bathroom — whether it’s a tiny closet or a master en suite. Then there’s also the following space saving solutions:

  • Shower stalls: If you belong to that part of the population who are never intrigued by bubble baths and can easily ditch a bathtub, a compact shower stall is just the one for you. They take up much lesser space, and with the correct design can also make the bathroom look quite open and spacious. You could also use clear walls or glass walls to make it look even better.
  • Sink styles: There’s no hard and fast rule that you have to have a square sink installed in your bathroom. You can take the help of newer, unconventional sink designs which will offer much more when it comes to saving space. You can go for a curved or a flat sink that won’t take up much space.
  • Custom cabinets: Custom cabinets can come to your rescue if you are facing storage challenges in your petite bathroom. Your renovation partner can help you choose the best storage solutions in the form of custom cabinets and chest of drawers etc. Select from the wide ranges of sizes, handles, styles, finishes etc. and have your bathroom look its best.
  • Sliding doors: Along with giving your bathroom a unique chic look, sliding doors help to save up space by using much lesser floor space than a regular door. Traditional swing doors require a prescribed arc of floor space so that they open and close properly. This is unlike sliding doors that can glide easily into a wall pocket, leaving behind a lot of free space.
  • Shelf up: Are you sure you have used up all the space that’s available? Remember to look up, and you will find the perfect storage solutions. Adding high shelves up on the walls will help you to maximize the amount of storage space, giving way to freer floor space.
  • Floating vanity: Keep the storage, but make sure to give yourself a bit more space by adding a floating vanity. This will give better definition and edge to your bathroom design and help make your small and petite bathroom look much larger in person. It will also make the cleaning a much easier chore.

So, these were the main tips that you can put to use when you are actually thinking of going for a bathroom remodelling. With the correct execution of these tips, you can make your bathroom go from being a small room to being the best room in the house.




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