5 Ways to Create a Dramatic Dining Room

The dining room can be a well-used space or the area in your home used the least. Depending on where your dining room is located — right near the kitchen and used daily or aligned with the living room and possibly carpeted — it may be time for a change. If you’re thinking about re-decorating your dining room, here are five ideas to consider as you make your plans.

Add a Vaulted Ceiling, Skylight or New Chandelier

High ceilings and a skylight are often unexpected in the dining room and can add drama to the space. A skylight complements several pendant lights and accentuates the modern angles of a vaulted ceiling. If angled right, decorative mirrors can reflect light to make the room feel larger and more dynamic. With all that light, the room can afford to incorporate a few darker elements for contrast, such as dark wood flooring or deep, rich paint.

Dramatic Lighting

Track lighting or recessed lighting is a modern alternative to the traditional chandelier. Install a dimmer switch so you can add or reduce dramatic lighting in the room as you choose. Place candles throughout the room, with tall decorative ones on the table and flame-less candles on shelves or in cabinetry. Substitute heavy drapery for bare windows or use window blinds to utilize the most natural light without sacrificing privacy.

New Paint with an Accent Wall

Few things spruce up a room like a new coat of paint, and this is definitely true of the dining room. This is your chance to go out on a limb with a drastic color change. Go with a saturated tone, or keep it light and choose one wall to paint with a dramatic accent color for an energizing effect. Consider using paint-texture techniques or patterned paint rollers to make a fun and creative design.

Choose Contrasting Colors

The simple choice of decorating with design and furniture elements that juxtapose light and dark colors can add a dramatic, stylish flair. The effect can be very contemporary and modern. Consider light-colored walls and rich-toned carpet or pair hardwoods with a dark-wood dining set. If you chose a dark neutral for the walls, offset the backdrop with a vibrant accent color. For example, in a room with charcoal walls, use accents of fuchsia to add depth and contrast. Limit your accent color to about five percent of the overall look. Start with a vase or accessory and then pick out other pieces, such as table runners or flowers, in the same color.

A Contemporary Dining Room Set

Does your current dining room set feel dated or old-fashioned? It’s time for an update. Long, clean lines, smooth surfaces and rectangular shapes seem to be what’s “in” in terms of the modern dining set. Think simplicity and elegance. Avoid gaudy detail and scroll work in wood dining room sets — or, if you’re drawn to that style, go “all-in” and choose the gaudiest, most detailed, over-the-top set you can find!

Whichever type of dining room you have, a makeover can really make a difference in how you and your family members feel about the room. Like any room in your home, a dining room can convey an intimate, casual and cozy vibe, or a more formal and dramatic atmosphere. While the daily family dining room tends to be more lived-in, a fancier dining room with dramatic lighting can benefit from a bolder and more dramatic look.



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