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5 smart ideas of how to arrange furniture in a living room

The question is how to organize furniture in order to make the room look proportional and beautiful? It often turns out that what we have imagined in our home, finally it does not seem to be the way we expected. There are several rules that will help prevent negative emotions and save time and money.

1.  Create a functional communicative space. Seating furniture is best positioned in U shape since the L-shaped space is not characterized by functional. U-shaped example – a sofa and two armchairs or chairs. This layout allows all people who are communicating to see and hear each other. Meanwhile, L-shaped furniture burdens the conversation as people sit without seeing each other face to face they are forced to talk louder.

2.  Highlight the main accent of the room. There is at least one object in every living room, to which first of all turn all eyes. A fireplace in your living room will perfectly perform this function. If not, the main accent of the room can be a French door or window, which offers a wonderful view. Arrange the furniture so that it highlights the beauty of the main accent.

3.  Choose an even number. The room will look more proportionate if you have a pair for each piece of furniture. The small tables on both sides of the sofa or the armchairs will complement each other if they have similar sizes and colors. Two unfit chairs can be trimmed with the same cloth, but they should be of a similar height and size. Decorate the fireplace with two candlesticks, put on a table the same equal luminary.

4.  Smartly group your furniture. Do you feel comfortable walking around the room or trying to get around obstacles? Here are some tips: Sofa and armchairs should stand next to each other, otherwise the person passing through the room will block the image for those who sit and talk. Spread the furniture so that nobody should walk through the TV and interfere with those who watch it.

5.  For a small living room. The idea for a small living room If your room is very small, choose elegantly upholstered chairs without handhold – they will take up less space but will not lose their functionality. Another idea is to put not two chairs, but a chair and an ottoman.

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