5 Simple Ideas to Creating a Relaxing Bedroom

Every night, we retreat into our bedroom to rest and relax. We don’t just settle into this space for sleep – we turn to it daily for rejuvenation. However, while we rely on this space for so much, it is often neglected in its design and upkeep. We’ll look at 5 ideas to make your bedroom and bathroom a relaxing haven of vitality.

1. Freshen Up the Space

Before you do anything, evaluate the look and feel of your bedroom and bathroom. Is the space tired and cluttered, filled with old furniture and nick nacks?

Don’t worry – you don’t need to go through and spend a bunch of money on new items. But, taking healthy stock of your environment will allow you to identify what will improve it.

  • Find a place for all of your clutter that you want to keep. You don’t have to get rid of it, but you need to find somewhere to put it.
  • Add a potted plant or succulent to the area. Plants bring cleaner air and add life to your room. Even a succulent will add some color to your area.
  • Grab a spray bottle with a little lemon or jasmine scent and spray your pillows. Keep it handy for spraying in the future.

Little things like getting rid of clutter, adding some life, and freshening up the smell will go a long ways to improving the environment.

2. Add Color

Color has the ability to brighten not just a room, but your mood as well. While painting a wall is a great avenue to take, this might be more than you can take on.

A quick win is to find a way to bring in a few pops of color. Add a brightly colored pot (with a fresh plant) or consider a new light for your nightstand. You can also add:

  • colored throw pillows
  • hang a bright picture
  • pick up a colorful rug

There are so many ways to add color to your area, and it will enhance your mood while you are in the room.

3. Get Organized

If you’re like most of us, then your bedroom is the last place that gets organized in your home. It’s the space that you can keep cluttered and just close the door when company comes over. However, that process is making your space a terrible place to rejuvenate.

Start in your closet, and create an organization plan. What you access most frequently should be front and center. Essentials like socks, shirts, bras, and underwear should be easily accessible, where suits, jackets, and dresses can go in the back (or hard to reach areas).

Make sure you enough hangers to hang all of your clothes, so that they don’t end up in a pile. Pick up a portable steamer to quickly get wrinkles out of your clothes, rather than having to go to all the effort of ironing each and every time.

If you keep your shoes in the closet, invest in a simple shoe rack to get them organized.

4. Make Cleaning Easier

If your area is suffering from lack of cleaning, it might be because you’re making it too hard on yourself.

  • Create a quick caddy of cleaning supplies that you can keep under the bathroom sink. Throw in essentials like Windex, 409, a few scrubbers, and a towel or two.
  • Commit to the 5 minute clean once per week. This involves a simple wipe down of the shower, mirrors, and sink with a spray like 409.
  • Remove items that don’t serve value, but literally sit there and collect dust. Have you been keeping things on your nightstand that don’t serve any value?
  • Invest in quick wins like a handheld shower head and a self cleaning toilet bowel. These items are cheap and will help you clean as you go.

5. Evaluate What You Need

Before you move on, sit back and think about what the space is lacking. Your needs are different than everyone else, and only you can truly determine what you need out of a relaxation haven.

For many, creating a space that is quiet is the ultimate. If so, think through your lighting and music options. For others, having a space to do yoga in the morning is optimal, and you’ll want to think through how to exercise in your home. For others, reading a book is ideal to relax, and you’ll want to ensure you have good lighting and a comfortable chair.


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Written by Allen Michael

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