5 Secrets for A More Beautiful Laminate Floor

Unsightly dents and scratches make your floor an eyesore, especially on laminate floors. If you want your flooring to stay in tip-top shape for as long as possible, then check out the following secrets.

Maintenance is key:

That’s not a secret, but few people give any thought to flooring maintenance. If you want lovely-looking floors that will last you for a long while, then make sure you invest in laminate flooring maintenance and care. That’s an important step to getting the floors you want in your home, the DIY Network says.

Clean it right:

Your floors aren’t going to wipe themselves clean every day magically. You either handle that or hire someone to do it for you. With regular cleaning, you won’t have to worry about your laminate floors getting stubborn stains and sticky residues from spills. That’s also another reason why it’s best to hire pros. They know what cleaning solutions will work on your floors, ensuring stellar results and preventing any damage to your flooring system.

Factor in your lifestyle:

Before you get those laminate floors, ask yourself: are they a good choice, given your lifestyle? If you have pets that love to dig around in the dirt or kids that run up and down the house, then laminate flooring is perfect for you. It’s durable and cost-effective. It’s also not going to be as hard to maintain as wood. Wood floors also tend to suffer from greater wear with constant foot traffic when you compare it with laminate floors. Besides, you can always check out a range of styles—from laminate floor tiles that look like ceramic to hand-scraped patina, distressed options, low-gloss, varied grain patterns and more, the Family Handyman says.

Train your household:

Small changes in household behaviour can also do a lot to help you keep your floors in top form. For instance, you’ll want to make it a practice for everyone in the home to leave their shoes by the door. Provide a rack for that use then have indoor slippers handy. That way, people won’t be tracking dirt into and out of your home. That’s great news for your floors. It’s a practice that can help keep your floors looking new for as long as possible.

Protect your floors:

If people in your home still forget to leave their shoes by the door, then you can take extra measures to keep your floors free from scratches, dents, and dirt. Put protective layers on your floors. Add rugs and carpets to your interiors. Those rugs can tie all the elements in your interiors together. They add texture too. You can pick them out in bold and dramatic shades for bright pops of colour in your home.

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Bottom line:

Keep the abuse and wear to a minimum. Put these five tips to good use if you want your floors to last longer.


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