5 Primary Roles For Architects During A Building Project

It is common knowledge that an architect designs buildings visually and structurally. However, architects have some real roles and responsibilities unknown to a non-professional. Construction is a complex task and architects are responsible to ensure that everything goes well. This requires managing tasks including maintaining project records, keeping contracts in order, budget details, and meeting deadlines. Consider the following primary roles for architects during a building project.

Project discussion

Architects meet and discuss with you the building design eve3n before project approval. Through this, all technical complications can be managed before construction begins. Additionally, it allows opting for a more economical approach and considering brainstorming. The discussions might include:

  • Anticipated financial limits
  • Understanding the project site
  • Planning regulations that apply
  • Qualifying and quantifying the project
  • Understanding vision and customer expectations

Apart from the above, architects also research any project limitations and find possible solutions and make suggestions to customers. Where applicable, the architect might suggest a new building design to overcome those hurdles.

Making project drawings

Before groundbreaking for the project, detailed design drawings are required. It is the role of the Hamptons architects  to prepare them. The architects draw sketches giving a layout of the building spaces and surrounding. These drawings reflect how the project will turn out to be on completion. The project drawings have the following benefits:

  • Confirms floor and site plans
  • Highlights elevation and isometric views
  • Gives the project owner a realistic impression
  • Offers estimated materials and project duration
  • Lessens chances of errors before the project is executed

After project drawings, architects are responsible for redesigning the build if the customer is not contented. Additionally, adjusting the project design might be necessary to meet building codes, regulations, and rules.

Cost estimation for the project

With the design sketches approves, the next step is to create a timeline for the project with appropriate estimated costs. This is a very important role of architect during building projects. Listing the price of all materials is very important to avoid spending beyond the client’s budget. The architect needs to re-visualize the project design and to make a new plan that meets the budget.

Cost assessment for any building project depends on various situations. For a complete project under architects purview, the whole cost valuation is given. Alternatively, when part of the project is under purview, the price estimate is given for that particular section. Understanding this will make it easier for you to have a budget estimate to meet your project.

Advice on contract proposals

This step is after the finalization of project plans and budget estimate is finding a reputable contractor . Fortunately, the architect will guide you on choosing the best contractors for the project. Architects usually offer to build construction service or might know some contractors who can handle the project to exceed customer expectations. It is better to work with an architecture firm with the capacity to handle building construction as well. Allowing a single company to handle your project saves time and effort while making project supervision easier.

Coordinating the building project

While the work is underway, the architects  will always be available to manage the word of laborers and other contractors. Coordinating the whole project ensures that building codes and regulations are adhered to. Additionally, the architects always keep an eye on submitted invoices regularly to ensure that they correspond to work done. Close supervision ensures that everything is going as planned.

Some additional roles

Architectural engineers and structural engineers seem to have similar roles but there is a difference. Architects focus on ensuring that the actual project is aesthetically pleasing to exceed customer expectations. Alternatively, structural engineers focus on ensuring that the actual project is practical and durable. The work and roles of architects are sometimes defined in the contract agreement. Although they might have a superficial role during the project, their work plays a significant role in every task.

Bottom line

Architects have extensive and varied roles during a building project. This explains why working with an experienced and skills architects is very important. The right architects in the Hamptons are essential to create a beautiful project that adheres to building codes and regulations. These architects should have extensive experience in architecture and design with a portfolio of quality turnkey projects.


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