5 Most Ignored Cleaning Areas in Your Home that Needs Attention!

Hectic life and busy schedules to manage — home cleaning takes a backseat here! With hardly the daily dusting being manageable, most of our house is on the mercy of weekends and holidays to see a thoroughly tidy time. And when the weekend finally arrives, it becomes really difficult for you to manage between the socialising appointments, running errands and checking the neglected corners of your home. This obviously needs to be taken care of before this mess becomes insurmountable. But how?

Not all the corners of your home can be cleaned with just a round of vacuum or a swipe of the broom and mop. Some areas need proper washing, scrubbing, even rubbing and so much more. And home being such a vast area — there are some areas in our home which do get ignored even in this weekly session of cleaning. Perhaps this is because of the fact that we don’t need to use these areas often, and they remain in blissful (errr .. well, not so!) oblivion. These areas, if left in this way for long, can cause you a lot of inconveniences and hazards.

Ignored Sections of Your House that Can Create Problems Later!

Your home shouldn’t at all be unhealthy! And if there is even a single corner that has germs, dirt and dust on it accumulating for long, such corner turns out to be the unhealthiest breeding ground for house-mites and germs. You should obviously be aware of these corners in order to keep them clean and sanitised. Let’s know which are those most ignored corners of your home that need your immediate attention:

1. Gutter Uncleaned and Clogged — Ok, so you always give emphasis to exterior cleaning and get your roof, deck, patio and house washed. But have you paid the same attention to your gutter? When was the last time you got it cleaned? Is it entirely clean, and is the water draining from it properly? If not, then your gutters — which haven’t been cleaned since long, or faces congestion because of debris, leaves and dust collection in it — can soon cause the dirty water to overflow from it. This can destroy your home’s exterior, and also be a cause of a lot of germ formation and an increase in pests in your home. If there are leaks in your gutter, water from roof may seep in your interiors too, and cause further damages. Make sure you are getting your gutters cleaned periodically by professionals offering Guttering services in Newcastle NSW, like Ian’s Property Maintenance. They can help you get the gutter unclogged and clean within no time, making it entirely spic and span and safe.

2. Tile Grout — Just sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the floor daily isn’t enough. The grout  in between your tiles that needs attention too, for they attract a lot of dirt and grime. A lot of elbow grease would be needed to clean these, if left alone for a long time. Once that happens, this can be cleaned thoroughly by only professionals who make it a point to remove all the penetrated dirt in the grout by using the right cleaning agents and techniques.

3. Electrical Fixtures, Switches and Sockets — There are a lot of electrical fixtures in our home, from tiny nightlights to ceiling fans, indoor lights to outdoor lighting, etc. And when there are fixtures, sockets and switches can’t be far behind! These often get a cake of thick dust formed on them and aren’t cleaned frequently too. This grime can make their life short and also cause some temporary issues in their working. Sockets can even become a breeding ground for small insects like ants, silverfish etc. Occasional cleaning of these fixtures without fail is necessary to keep your house clean and neat.

4. Large Kitchen Appliances —We never forget washing the dishes in a dishwasher, but what about cleaning the dishwasher? The same happens with our microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc. Even if you clean them, it’s mostly on the outer side. A thorough cleaning of these huge appliances is never considered. This makes them prone to germs.  Therefore, cleaning these big electrical items in your kitchen should be attended to frequently.

5. Door Handles — A door is always attended as it’s the centre of attraction in any room. But the handles are often ignored. There can be handles of doors which would have been left unattended since the day it was fixed. Though cleaning it can be really easy, as these are mostly of metal which can be cleaned by a single swipe with a clean cloth dabbed in the right kind of cleaning agent. But often there’s a lot of germ and dirt settlement here, that can make these look unappealing. Apart from that, since we touch the handles frequently, the germs may spread and cause diseases.

A house looks perfect if it’s thoroughly cleaned. These dirty and untidy areas can cause you a lot of embarrassment and also lead to various health issues. It’s therefore wise to clean them periodically.

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