5 Accessories To Improve Your Coffee Takeaway Service

Serving coffee in your restaurant is a great way to boost sales. This is because everyone needs coffee to keep them going throughout the day. In addition, you have to keep in mind busy customers who would like to grab a cup of coffee from your restaurant to drink on the go. This requires having handy accessories to enhance your coffee takeaway service. Read on to understand accessories that will enhance your coffee takeaway service and give your customers a better experience.

Here’s the catch

Allowing customers to go away with their coffee safely enhances customer service. It’s also a chance to make your establishment stand out in the market. The coffee takeaway accessories let your customers know you value them. Luckily, you can have the accessories imprinted with your logo to advertise your business. This will define your brand in the face of stiff competition. Below are some accessories that will make buying coffee from your restaurant more convenient and hassle free to promote repeat business.


There’s no need to make customers share the metal teaspoon anymore. Give your customers a wooden stirrer. This fulfills personal consideration and is more hygienic. This stirrer is lightweight, recyclable, and biodegradable making it a necessity in any reputable restaurant offering coffee takeaway service. Customers will just use this to stir their drink without using a plastic spoon that is to end up on the landfill. Alternatively, the wooden stirrer eliminates the need to share a metal spoon.

Carry cup trays

For customers who buy more than one cup of coffee, this tray is a handy accessory. It makes carrying coffee cups out of your restaurant convenient for customers on the go. Additionally, it encourages customers to buy more cuts boosting sales. Luckily, you can buy coffee tray online for your customers to carry their coffee cups without spillage. The tray also allows customers to carry their coffee in their cars without cup holders.

Cup lids

Another handy accessory for coffee lovers to enjoy their drink on the go is the cup lid. These release steam through an opening on the side while keeping the drink warm. This is beneficial especially on a cold day outside. Additionally, the lids allow consuming this hot beverage during the hustle and bustle of work without spills. This eliminates the chances of causing damage to equipment and injury to others seated nearby.

Cup sleeves

These enhance customer positive experience of drinking a hot beverage from your restaurant. The sleeves prevent customers’ fingers from burning as they hold their coffee cups. Additionally, you can have the cup sleeves branded with your company logo to allow customers to market your brand as they move away from your establishment. You can as well use the sleeves to make some money by using them as advertising space for companies willing to promote their products.

Bottom line

Coffee is one of the most requested beverages in a restaurant. Therefore, enhancing the customer experience as they go away with their coffee cups will definably make them come back to your establishment many more times. You can do this by investing in the accessories listed above.


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