3 Designers Explain Creating Your Outdoor Living Space

Three designers from California Style Magazine provide some tips on creating your own outdoor living space at a William-Sonoma seminar, which is a part of the annual Spring Garden Show event at South Coast Plaza’s Crystal Court.

  1. When doing your interior design, you need an eye for detail.
  2. Home décor trends are moving towards outdoor living space, outdoor parties, or just spending more time outdoors, such as hiking, walking, barbecuing, picnics, glamping, and camping.
  3. For exterior design, there are many outdoor fabrics, such as outdoor cashmere fabric.
  4. Create a themed room, with an outside theme, especially if this room has no view. An ocean-view inspired room might include a large picture of the ocean, beach, or an island, placed in a window-like frame to give this room a manmade ocean view.
  5. Create a sleepover tent with safari theme for kids
  6. Create a fire/water/air/earth elements theme
  7. Must be functional
  8. Northern California weather tends to be windy and cooler. People up north might have heated patio and cushions as well as exterior and landscape lighting.
  9. What is still popular in 2017: Ceremonies, multitasking space, and individuality continue to be trending. It is in style to be “in the house” because no one wants to go out anymore.
  10. The female designer talked about putting together a house, and then Gwyneth Paltrow bought that house.  It included cabana with drapes, curtains to keep the wind out, and heated wall.

They signed their design books for interested guests who bought a copy.


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