2019 ultimate checklist for an interior design project


Redecorating and redesigning your home from the inside is a creative but tiresome project. Still, nothing beats the happiness and satisfaction of sitting in your new and improved home after all that hard work. There’s no better time for an interior design project than the beginning of the year. Why shouldn’t your New Year’s resolutions include creating an environment that’s good for the soul and heart? Following these 2019 trends, you’ll be sure to have the trendiest and most beautiful house in the neighborhood.

1. Don’t shy away from pillows

You may have a beautiful big couch or bed, but space can seem drab and empty. In this case, you can simply add more pillows to your furniture. Decorative pillows have always been adorable and therefore widely available at reasonable prices. Why not make use of this fact?

Not only will this make space look more furnished and cozy, but it will also make your bed or couch much more comfortable. Relaxing days in front of the TV will inspire even more tranquillity and snuggling up with a few pillows during the night may just improve your sleep.

2. Add mirrors

Who doesn’t like a big mirror in their living room or bedroom? It lights up space, serves a noble function, and can prove to be very elegant décor. This can also solve the issue of decorating without using any nails. You can simply drop framed mirrors in various sizes around your house.

You can also angle the mirrors to create a visual impression that the room is spicier than it actually is. For example, if you angle it against a wall, it can give the appearance of a higher ceiling. As far as the room appearing lighter, this is because mirrors naturally reflect light and therefore brighten the space up.

3. Make your own decoration

When it comes to interior design, it’s all about the details. If you just can’t find the right décor in any store or anywhere online, perhaps that’s a sign you should make something yourself. Making your own decoration allows adds a personal touch to the house and makes you more connected to it. Let’s not forget, it’s really good for your wallet.

Anything from wall décor from lampshades can be made by you. All you have to do is get your creative juices going. You can even create practical crafts which double as quirky décor for the kitchen or living room areas.

4. New wallpaper

How long has it been since you repainted or put new wallpaper on your walls? They probably look drab and boring now, even though they were remarkable when you first decorated. Bring back the old shine with brand new wallpaper. This method is more convenient than repainting because it’s less messy, quicker, and there are far more choices.

You can do virtually anything with some quality wallpaper. Make your home look elegant and smart, or opt for a cheery and quirky style which will brighten anyone’s mood. You don’t even have to stick to the same style, each room can be a story for itself. Perhaps it’s best to opt for professional wallpaper installation as it will save you time and sanity. We all know how stressful interior design projects can be.

5. Rethink your storage room

Storage room poses a problem in many modern homes due to lack of space. It feels like you’ve got more closets and side tables for storing things than actual furniture. When you live in a small space, it can make you feel cluttered and suffocated.

This is why it’s important to come up with a practical solution for storage room. You can save on space by buying convertible furniture. For example, there are couches which can be shaped into different seating furniture in order to accompany just you or a bigger group. You can also look into wicker baskets as they’re elegant and can fit a lot of stuff but take up little space. If worse comes to worst, perhaps it’s best to buy or rent a storage unit.


As you can see, there are many things you can do to improve your home’s interior. 2019 should be the year of renovations and giving life to old things. If you start with your home, you’re bound to have a fruitful and productive year. These improvements won’t cost you much but will give you a lot. We’re confident you’ll get the house of your dreams you’ve always been secretly hoping for.



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