Writing great headlines to all of your posts can change your blogging experience on Virily forever. Or in other words a great title means attracting million of readers that will instantly translate into virils! Do you want to earn some money? But first of all, learn how to write titles that Virily’s audience can’t resist.

1. Write down a few titles

Try to write down some interesting titles for one post. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and try to look from a different angle. Think about what your readers will find boring, predictable and lame, and what title will grab their attention and make them click and read.

2. Be Precise

The title needs to be super interesting, but it also needs to remain realistic and to precisely reflect the content that follows. For instance, you can’t go with an article titled “Lose Wight”, but you can definitely go with more specific one: “How To Lose Weight: Easy Steps For A Perfect Body”. If you choose to go with more specific rather than more general titles, you are on the right path to go viral.

3. Make it attractive

Use your creativity and imagination! Alliterate! Rhyme! Use interesting adjectives to evoke emotions to the one reading your post, such as “comfortable”, “impressive”, “essential”, “important”, etc. Choose the one that the best describe your theme and that will make your article to stand out. Be original, don’t use one adjective for all of your posts!

4. Keep it short

Shorter titles will show entirely in search results and social media and most of the readers are more likely to click through when they can read the whole title. It is good idea to keep to Google SERPs title length of 70 characters, so that it will appear in its full. However, if you think that your ideal title is longer or shorter than that and can perfectly engage the readers, do it!