1. Write the Posts Wonderfully and in the Right Format 

People often forget how important subheadings, sources, and picture descriptions can be to keep readers engaged. If you are not sure how story, embed content and other types of posts should look like, check this detailed explanation of how to properly format each of them.

2. Write Eye-Catching Titles for Your Posts 

Titles are the first thing readers notice, which makes them the most important part from the entire post. So, make sure the titles you choose for your posts are interesting and can easily attract your readers to click and read it till end. Learn how to write a compelling blog post title.


3. Use of different post types

Virily allows you to write all kind of posts starting from story, upload image and gallery, embed content, start an open list, make a meme, create a Trivia quiz and personality quiz. The best Virily’s bloggers try to cover different topics and write different post types.