Start an Open List 

Everybody can submit new list items and vote up for the best submission in the list.

  • How to write a Viral Open List

You can start an open list by inserting a few images. You have options to leave the list open for submissions and let the other users finish the list by inserting other cool images or/and open the list for voting. The image that gets the most votes from the audience goes at the top. Choose an easy-to-read tittle and write an introduction about the topic you have chosen. Every image needs to have a title, source (if is not your original work) and a short description.

Don’t forget to pick a category. Happy writing! 🙂


You can write an interesting story by mixing text with images and embeds.

  • How to write a Viral Story

Before you start, think about the topic and how you want your story to look like. To make your story readable, use h2, h3, B, I, U and ” in your body text (select the text you want to modify and you will get the tool box). You can go with ordered or/and unordered list too. To insert images click on + which is on the left side of the body text. When you add a picture that is not taken by you, click on the picture and add the original source.

Don’t forget to pick a category! Happy writing! 🙂

Upload Image 

You can upload an interesting and fun photo and GIF.

  • How to Upload Image?

Find a cool image or gif, choose a title that describes the image or gif and note the source if it is not your original work. Pick an appropriate category. Under the image or gif, write a short, yet interesting description that will catch readers attention.

Happy uploading! 🙂

 Upload Gallery

You can upload a collection of images.

  • How to Upload Gallery?

Select files from your computer and insert them in the article. Choose a title that describes your image collection and write an interesting description. Enter title for each image, short description and a source if is not your original work. Pick a category! Happy uploading!

Embed Content

You can embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Twitter statuses, etc.

  • How to Embed Content?

Copy a link or an embed code and paste it in the box. Pick a suitable and readable title and enter a short description about the photo, video, etc. Pick a category! Happy embedding! 🙂

 Make a Meme

All creative minds can create funny pics and drop them here.

  • How to Make a Meme?

Choose an image from your computer. Write funny top and bottom text. If is not your original picture, note the source. Choose some interesting tittle and write a description for your meme. Select a category! Happy meming! 🙂

Create a Trivia Quiz

What do you know about…

  • How to create a trivia quiz?

If you find yourself creative, then you should definitely try to make some quizzes. Can you guess the traditional drinks or meals from around the world? is just an example. Choose an interesting theme, write a catchy title, short description and go to edit questions and edit results. Make the quiz fun!

Create a Personality Quiz 

Do you want to help other people discover what type of personality they have?

  • How to create a personality quiz?

Write a title that describes the quiz together with a short description. Which planet are you? can be an example for this type of quiz. Fill the blank spaces in the boxes: edit personalities and edit questions. Make the quiz fun and entertaining by choosing interesting questions and personality results.