Welcome! Do you like VIRILY? We will pretend that you know nothing about blogging and social media and we will explain to you how to reach your first 1 000 readers in 5 easy steps! We are sure that you are a great writer and you have already put together some great photos of your last travel adventure or wrote something about your life passions etc. We also believe in your great work, so it will be a tragedy not to spread that great content all over the world! VIRILY is here to give you that initial audience of readers and connect you with the most passionate bloggers!

To help you spread your amazing articles and give extra boost to each one, we have put together some extra tips. By following them, you will easily reach your first 1000 readers and gain 1000 virils at the same time. Every reader that comes to your post means extra virils that will turn into money at the end of the month! Do you want your content to be read? Do you want to earn some money? Follow these tips!

1. Title, Title and Title! 

You need a great title! We live in an era where we get bombarded with so much clickbait tittles that are leading us to irrelevant content. That makes it very hard to distinguish the great content from the not so relevant and great as we expected to be. If you don’t want your readers to be disappointed, the simplest and most efficient way is to choose a great title that grabs the readers attention as well as one that shortly represents the theme you have chosen to work on.

You can go with a descriptive (an obvious title) or suggestive tittle (one that merely hints at the topic). Or you can mix these two types in one by using a colon (:) or conjunction (and,or). And don’t forget about SEO. Your title needs to include the keyword!

2. Add the Best Photos and Videos!

You have done a great job by writing a compelling text. Congratulations! But, do you think that the readers out there will love to read two-three or more pages full of text? Adding interesting, relevant, engaging and definitely not blurred photos and videos will help your readers stay and read your content till the end. Plus, they can definitely make any post become an Internet hit.

Before you publish any post, put yourself in the shoes of your readers and think about what will make them react or contribute to it.

3. Master the Social Media

Here are some social media checklist that can help you spread your content and reach your first 1000 readers.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus+
  • Tumbler
  • Stumbleupon, etc.

Make sure your post is in attractive format, offers valuable information and interesting pictures, so that your friends, followers or whatever will click and react on it.

4. Be clear

I bet that you have heard about the quote “Don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees”. Or in other words, don’t go to much into details, because you can lose sight of the big picture. When you find yourself writing about details, I advise you to step back, take a breath and try to remember what your topic is about! Make it clear, so that the one that is reading your post will want to share it or discuss it with his friends!

5. Respond to your post’s discussions and comments


Invite your friends to leave their comments below your post. There will be many comments, so make sure you always answer to all of them. If you are voting, liking or contributing on other people’s posts you will be much more likely to receive feedback on your posts from the same people. By answering your readers’ questions, you will show that you care about your readers and that may possibly trigger an interesting discussion.