Yoga & Sunday Brunch

Sunday, 8.29.21

I went to yoga meetup at 10 am. We moved to a different spot at the same park, under a shaded area, and across from the lake, which was filled with cute geese. The weather was warm and sunny. 6 people showed up. At 11 am, I decided to drive to the Crossroads shopping area because I wanted to trying out one of the new plant-based dishes at California Fish & Grill. I orded my food. There were four choices, and I chose plant-based fish & chips, which a complimentary fountain drink, which I chose Lemon-Berry Acai drink. I also had a some zucchini. I sat outside. There were many people at the restaurant, and mask was optional. 

The plant-based fish was good. Crusty and crispy on the outside, while soft and white on the inside. There was a dip with it. The fries were OK, and the zucchini was good. The drink was OK, too. I was full fast. 

…crispy and tender vegan fish….


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