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World’s Oldest Restaurant

The idea of a restaurant being the oldest in the world attracted my attention. I have read that some of the oldest cookbooks provide the best recipes and that the newest ones cannot even compare. Anyway, this restaurant is located in Spain and is known as Sobrino de Botin. The restaurant has been serving its customers for more than 200 years.

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It has been recognized as the oldest by the Guinness Book of World Records and opened its doors in 1725. At that time the restaurant was on the ground floor of an inn. Guests would bring their own meat and ingredients which then were cooked up in the restaurant’s kitchen. The original owners died childless and the restaurant was passed over to a nephew who gave it its present name Sobrino de Botin, translating to Nephew of Botin.

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Today this restaurant in Madrid, Spain has four floors, each with its own Spanish theme and three dining rooms – the bodega or brick cellar, the Castilla room, and the Felipe IV room. Among the most famous dishes are roast suckling pig and roast lamb. These meats are roasted in the nearly 300-year-old original wood-fired oven.  Well-known author Hemingway was a great fan of this restaurant and particularly of the roast suckling pig and immortalized it all in his novel “The Sun Also Rises”.


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