Who Will Photograph My Recipes?


I’ve written a vegan cookery book and I am delighted to say that I have two publishers interested in taking it on, but only on condition that I supply professional-standard photos of all the recipes.  My initial euphoria at hearing back from the publishers in such positive terms has now turned to stress and angst, as I am feeling overwhelmed while contemplating the enormity of this task in front of me – photos of 54 recipes! I not only have to source a suitable photographer (and trying to organise that is tedious and  time-consuming) but then find a suitable venue where I can cook and present all of the dishes, ready to be photographed. It feels like one of the Labours of Hercules….

I have been making enquiries about photographers, getting quotes for the job from several people, and the first major obstacle  I am up against is that I can’t afford any of the fees, not even a fraction, since I am flat broke ( I’ve just recently lost my job).  I’ve decided  it is best to do the photos bit by bit, i.e have a sample done at first to submit to the publishers of around 2-3 recipes. But I am so penniless I can’t even pay for that.

I am thinking that the only way I will be able to get this project off the ground is if I can find a photographer who will do it on a kind of profit-sharing basis, i.e a share of the royalties when the book is published, or if I do something in exchange for them, or maybe a student looking for experience, doing it for the exposure (pun intended!)  So I am making enquiries about that at present. It could take some time to find someone who fits the bill though, so please wish me luck….

Picture of one of the recipes from my Cookbook, a  quinoa dish, copyright Maggie Bailey 2019


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