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What Do You Know About the Olive Tree?

During ancient times and even today, olives are considered an extremely valuable crop, used primarily for food and medicinal purposes.  The olive tree helped fortify the economy of both the Greek and Roman empires.  Some people like to refer to this tree as a “tree of life” because they can live for thousands of years.  It is believed that the Olive Tree of Vouves, which is located in Crete, is about 3,000 years old, and it still produces olives.

There is a most fascinating legend about the “Angel Olive” or the “Angel Tree” which is supposedly the world’s oldest olive tree.  They say one drop of rain touched by the leaves of this tree will cure anything. Anything??  Now I get the “tree of life” connection.  As of today, however, the Angel Olive is still on the list with the City of Gold and Atlantis because … nobody has ever found it.  No matter.  The people of the earth have been blessed by the olive trees that we do know exist.  Olives are cultivated all around the world, from the Mediterranean to Africa to Australia to California and Texas!

It’s a good thing these trees can be grown in lots of places around the world because evidently, people in certain parts of the world are setting them on fire! (O.o)  Ironic. This tree has always a symbol of peace.

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#9 Ever think about growing an olive tree?

There is a tradition in America where people plant trees for there children.  Since olive trees live so long, one tree planted could stand for children of several future generations.


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  1. I so wanted to see olive trees when I touring Europe and thought I could find them in Italy. Sad I could not

    Your article as usual has so much depth Hope it will get the kind ofreadership it deserves.

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