Vegan Banana Malt

This afternoon, I decided to create a Banana Malt. It just requires a blender, one banana, one cup of water, and one scoop of vegan ice cream. I placed banana and water in a blender and mixed well. After pouring into my cup, I added a scoop of ice cream on top. I stirred the ice cream with the banana shake, before sprinkling some nutmeg on top.

If I felt like adding some liquor, in which I have some Mangocini, I would have created my Vegan Eggnog. Oh, wait, this actually sounds good. Let me try it now. With the added Mangocini, my Banana Malt now tastes fruity, like a cocktail drink.

Wow, this post has grown from Banana Malt to Vegan Eggnog to a Fruity Banana-Mango Cocktail liquor drink.

But the above photo is of a Vegan Chocolate Mousse I had at Veggie Grill.


What do you think?