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Unusual Meals

Have you ever eaten something that is really strange? I know a lot of people prefer their food recognizable and delicious. However, when I was a child I had the strangest food cravings. I absolutely loved eating strawberry shortcake and washing it down with buttermilk. It was great to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You can imagine the faces of the waitresses at the various cafes that my mom went to, to meet her friends with me along.

If you’re ready here we go.

Fried Brain Sandwich


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Supposedly originated in Indiana and arrived in the state with Dutch and German settlers. It counts as a delicacy and was originally made with cow brains. Perhaps it makes you smarter. Since during modern times mad cow disease had shown up the restaurants turned to pig brains. The fried brain sandwich gets served just like a burger – on a bun with pickles, onions, mustard, and ketchup.  Perhaps with all of the additions, it can be stomached and of course, there are people who just love this.

Rocky Mountain Oysters


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I hate to be the bearer of bad news. We are not talking about oysters we are talking about the testicles of young bulls.  They remove the testicles from the young bulls so that they will be less aggressive and grow meatier. They get removed during the calf branding process and then are soaked in water, washed and peeled. Just a moment, I got a tear in my eye. Afterward, they roll them in seasoned batter and fry them. This dish is considered to be a delicacy in parts of the American West and Western Canada and even throw testicle festivals where they prepare them in any way imaginable.

Middle East Dish

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For those of you who are still fascinated and are still reading up next, we take a look at a dish from the Middle East. It’s a traditional dish also a delicacy and enjoyed by people who are wealthy in the wintertime. The ingredients include the feet, head, and stomach of a cow. Anyway, they say that this dish produces a horrid smelling broth and after these items have been boiled they add lots of spices such as local spices, lemon, salt, pepper, and garlic. Lots of times lavash (a type of bread) is added to this soup called Khash and is eaten as a main dish or along with fresh greens, pickles, cheese and/or hot peppers.

Fried spider


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Oh, in my mind I can just see all of those faces of the people who are afraid of spiders. Well this is one way of getting rid of them, isn’t it? This dish comes from Cambodia so the next time you go traveling you can try it if you like. It is called A-Ping but not considered a delicacy. It became popular in the 60s when the Khmer Rouge (genocide) was raising havoc in Cambodia. Since during this time, a food shortage occurred people had to figure out a way to survive and so this dish was invented. The spider is fried so that there is a crispy outer coating. These are specially picked spiders and put into a combination of MSG, sugar, and salt. Then coated and fried in garlic oil until crisp. I will not go into further details as I know what a lot of you are already thinking. It is good to read these kinds of things though especially if you need to diet. Just thinking about them will put you off of food for a while.

National Dish of Scotland

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I have heard of this many times it is known as haggis. A sheep’s stomach is filled with sheep’s lungs, heart and liver combined with oatmeal and beef and then heavily seasoned. It can be had at the best restaurants in Scotland and at some, the dish comes to your table accompanied by bagpipe pipers. It is customary to eat this dish with a glass of whiskey and before eating start off with a little toast – a celebratory speech not the bread. Being the national dish of Scotland it is served on Robert Burn’s Night which is January 25 to honor the national poet of the country.



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Latvian’s have a special jelly-like food made of pig’s feet and head and sometimes to add more meat some pork thighs they get boiled and the broth is a type that will solidify like jelly. This is known as galerts. When the meat is nice and tender you then take the meat from the feet, head and I even add meat from pork hocks so there is more. Take all of this and cut it up then take small or medium sized bowls. At the bottom of each bowl add slices of boiled egg and carrot then the chopped up meat about a couple of large spoonfuls or more and after you have filled the bowls pour hot broth over the contents in each bowl. Place them in the fridge and they become like Jell-O. Remove the contents of one bowl slice and eat. You can splash with some vinegar, fresh lemon juice or put on mustard. It is a cold and delicious meal.


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  1. There is a great show on the Travel network called Bizarre Foods. (Andrew Zimmern is the host) his motto is if it looks good, try it.

    I’ve tried many of the dishes you’ve shared and a few others. They are all interesting. Some were quite tasty but starting chewing was the hard thing!

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