Unique restaurant – enjoy coffee with floating fish

Vietnam: There are many hotels and restaurants around the world, where you can take your pets or sit with the animals there. But now as long as you sit in a coffee shop in Vietnam, colorful fishes will be swimming while touching your feet.

Amix Coffee shop is located in the famous city of Vietnam, Hồ Chí Minh city. The hotel floor is full of water up to a few inches above, in which hundreds of fish are floating and visible. People enjoy coffee here along with floating fish all around which make feeling pleasant.

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Guests who are in the cafe are asked carefully so that no fish should be beneath the feet. The foundations of chairs and tables are especially wrapped in clothes and cotton, while placing the plastic on the floor, the water has been left. Each floor of the restaurant is 20 square meters wide and the height of water is kept up to 25 cm.

All customers first take off shoes and then clean their feet well and enter here, but keeping the house and cafe clean and running is a difficult task.

23 year old Guin Dwak Howa says that at the first and second floor of the restaurant there is 10 thousand liters of water every time. It is difficult to keep the floor clean due to fish. Three stage filtration systems has been constructed to keeps clean the water transparent at all levels.

The kids coming here try to catch fish, which is not permitted and if a family violates it, then they are asked to go out of the shop, However, some small fishes are increasingly dead due to constant intervention of people, which will be replaced by big fish.


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