Unicorn Bars – Are They Worth The Hype?

Since the beginning of time, a Unicorn has always been a mythical creature known for its beautiful horn. Like most creatures, there are bad and good ones. Its horse appeal with a long pointed horn has given people reasons to search for them, prove of its existence rather than a fairy tale seen in many movies and books. As time changes, so do the meaning of words.

What is a Unicorn?

Startup businesses that are worth over billions of dollars are now called unicorns, according to Divestopedia, Aileen Lee created a term to describe tech companies that reached one billion dollars in its startup years. Unicorn is also used to describe vibrant females. Of course, the cosmetics world got a hold on creating unicorn products, normally these products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, which means our magical creatures are unharmed in the process. A unicorn can describe many things even food.

How is Unicorn Food Made?

Everyone has there own recipe for making unicorn inspired food. UCC (Unicorn Crunch Company) has cracked the code for making an edible bar, sweet and healthy. A unibar is in a lane of its own. Not a protein bar nor a sweet or nutty. UCC unibars are inspired by protein ingredients featuring various whey blends; its yogurty shell leaves a heighten taste that helps balance its chewy inside. Each bite sends the taste buds through the paradise.

Unibars Advantages and Disadvantages

Its great taste will not cause drowsiness after eating, unlike most sweets this bar is a two in one. Though they have not categorized the product as a candy bar or protein bar, it acts as both. Whey protein being a source of ingredients is what makes this bar healthy, however, to say that this bar can be used as a protein supplement as other protein bars is far from the truth. Before digesting this bar pre-workout and post workout make sure to talk to a professional trainer.


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