Tips When Shopping For Healthy Foods To Buy

We all have struggled at one time or another when navigating the grocery aisles searching for healthy foods to buy for our weekly shopping. Without a plan of action, it can be easy to succumb to the temptation from clever marketing with big bright discount signs and conveniently placed items at the checkout. To ensure that only healthy food items land in your shopping trolley, here are some top tips to remember when shopping for healthy foods to buy.

  • Plan Your Meals in Advance

Planning your weekly meals in advance is one of the best ways to ensure that you stick to your shopping list. By planning out exactly what you need for the week, there is less temptation to walk down the junk food aisle. For example, if you know you need chicken, broccoli, organic soba noodles and Japanese sesame oil for your weekly meals, then there is no reason to even walk down an aisle that contains crisps, chocolate and soft drink.

  • Don’t Be Afraid of Frozen Vegetables

It’s a common myth that fresh food is healthier than frozen food, but it simply comes down to what types of food you are putting in your body. Frozen healthy foods to buy such as cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and peas are picked as soon as they are ripe and are flash-frozen. Flash-freezing is the process of instantly freezing foods in cryogenic temperatures so that ice crystals form much smaller and cause less damage to the cell membranes. This means that the nutrients and flavour are instantly locked in as soon as it’s frozen and the quality doesn’t deteriorate when defrosted.

  • Don’t Shop Hungry

This one is a no-brainer yet still can be an easy mistake to make. Maybe you’re out and realised you need to quickly do the shopping before going home and you haven’t had lunch yet. Shopping on an empty stomach means that you are likely to not only be tempted with unhealthy food items but you’re also more likely to buy more than you need. It goes a long way to eat a quick piece of fruit or a healthy snack before doing the weekly shopping.

  • Buy Online

Why not just avoid the temptation of unhealthy food altogether? Shopping online is not only much more convenient but also means you won’t ever find yourself wondering down the junk food aisle and sneaking a few packets of Tim Tams into the trolley. There are online suppliers that can provide organic healthy foods to buy such as gluten-free white rice noodles, organic pasta sauce and even healthy snacks including roasted pumpkin seeds and nori rice crackers.

Always remember: when in doubt – read the label. All the nutrition information you need to make a healthy decision is on the packaging. Keep these tips in mind during your next weekly shopping to ensure you stick to your healthy eating plan. Search online for an organic foods supplier and starting finding delicious and healthy foods to buy today.

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Written by Keith Wilson

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