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This man ate 'expired' food for a year. Here's why expiration dates are practically meaningless.


Scott first eaten the old yogurt for a month and then cream and bread for 10 weeks before close expiry. Scott telling that , there are some things that do not need to write expiry date, including salt, honey and children’s wipes. He added , Salt itself is million years old and how can the expiry date be compiled?

Scott Nash himself is an Environment expert and also owns an honorable food store company. He reviewed the items kept in his store and successfully consumed all these items, which had ended its term or expired.

Scott acknowledged that some companies want people to fasten their food so that they can buy new foods and items from the store and their profits continue to grow.

Scot said that if there is a difference in item look, taste and smell so you can not eat it , but some people waste best foods a day after the end of the expiry.

It is not the purpose of informing this experience that even if items are exposed to the expiration date, they should be eaten, but to inform you about the written description on item and almost on every item there is written these two texts, best if used by or used by.

Quality of any product can be estimated by these text,  and best if used by means, that the product’s taste may be bad but is still usable, when used by means that the use of this product may be harmful after the written date.


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  1. you have correctly pointed out the error often made. The date on the product is the sell-by date. It does not, as you say point out that the product expires then!

    It is wise to check food consumed after the sell-by date!

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