For several years, Hyderabad is known for its delicacies of food. From biryani to kebab to sweet dishes, it has royalty in all kind of food. The food lover from different parts of India came here with the hope of having the scrumptious taste and this city fulfil the desire of everyone with its appetizing dishes. But never forget to taste the Shawarma of Hyderabad as it is a must try the recipe of this place.

Shawarma is one of the renowned Middle Eastern street foods. It is basically layers of marinated chicken, slow-roasted on a vertical rotisserie or spit. The taste of Shawarma will remain in your mouth for hours. The aroma of this dish will activate your taste buds for sure. It is an easy and healthy recipe serve in pita pockets with tahini sauce and lazy salad. So, now its time to explore the best Shawarma in Hyderabad for a greater delight.

Mohammedia Shawarma

This place is the most famous in the area for its savoury and juicy shawarma’s. The pricing is decent and the quantity and the quality of the food both are up to the mark and with no complaints on it. The kebabs served are really amazing and cooked well. So, choosing this place would be a great choice to fall in love with Shawarma. The ambience is pretty simple but the food is awesome. The options are limited but the taste is awesome.

Feel in Saudia Shawarma

If you want to know the authentic taste of the Saudi Shawarma, then this the perfect place for you. They cook with love to serve you hot, spicy and juicy. The size of the Shawarma will no longer make you feel hungry for the entire day.

Grill-9 Restaurant

Grill-9 is one of the most popular foods serving restaurant in Secunderabad, Telangana. When you get frustrated with the work pressure and want to have some chill, then must visit this place for the authentic Hyderabadi food. Sometimes having the ultimate food is enough to make heavy mood feel lighter. And this restaurant is just doing the same thing. It is well known for the Hyderabadi Dum Ki Biryani, Chinese Kababs, Shawarma, Arabian, Grill, and Mughlai foods. The way they pamper their customers will never let you go to any other restaurant. Each bite is the delight and memorable.

Spice 6 Global Cuisine

The owner of Spice 6 restaurants has come with a rich and varied experience in the food industry. After carrying the experience of 17 years in the food same, his craving for the food has made him start his own restaurant. With time, it becomes one of the well recognized, & well organized popular eateries in the city. Very soon, this restaurant will launch its branch in various cities. The motto of this restaurant is to serve the quality food. So, they don’t make any compromise with the quality of the food at all. You can feel the aroma of the food being cooked in the kitchen as you step in the restaurant.


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