The Ultimate List of Kitchen Tools for Healthy Cooking

It is common knowledge that cooking is among the best strategies that a person can use to take control of his/her health. This, however, should not mean that restaurants should be avoided like the plague. They are lovely places to have meals, and at times they are remarkably convenient especially when you’re in a hurry. However, they push us to a corner where we are forced to give up control of the preparation of our food. On the other hand, whenever we cook at home, we are in charge of the health conditions surrounding what we eat.

For those people that desire to make both quick and healthy meals while at home, it is paramount for them to have all the right equipment to help them achieve their quest. Without some of these crucial kitchen tools, cooking quickly could become an uphill task and meeting the proper health standards in your kitchen could become a mere mirage. Below are some of the most basic cooking equipment that will see to it that you cook healthier and without much effort. A good number of them can be easily purchased from the local store, and for those that can’t be found, there is the option of ordering them online.

  1. Chef’s Knife

One of the essential knives that is available for a health-oriented kitchen is a chef’s knife. This is because it is remarkably versatile, allowing you to slice, chop and mince without requiring you to switch tools. By so doing, you are less likely to acquire possible disease-causing organisms which can be picked up in the process of switching from one tool to another. In addition to this, most of these chef knives are stainless steel in nature, hence allowing them to keep away rust effectively.

  1. Cutting Board

The most common workhorse in almost all kitchens is the cutting board. The reason behind this is that there are just a handful of dinners that don’t require chopping or cutting, thus making a cutting board your kitchen’s best friend. There are various types of cutting boards, but the familiar ones are the plastic and wooden ones.

The plastic cutting boards are easy to find as well as inexpensive while the wooden versions are a bit more expensive but more sanitary. This is because the latter lack grooves that form suitable habitats for germs to reside. In addition to this, they assist in keeping knives in the best shape for productive use in the kitchen.

  1. Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears fall under the category of underrated tools that are surprisingly pivotal for healthy cooking. For those that have never encountered this remarkable tool, the central question running through their minds is, “What could I use this tool to do?”

In response to this, you will be surprised to find that kitchen shears can be used for almost everything. These things range from chopping vegetables and herbs to slicing meat and even dried fruit. In light of this, they prevent you from seeking help for cutting your kitchen ingredients from tools such as regular scissors (which are easily contaminated from their general household usage).

In a nutshell, you will no longer need to improvise with other equipment in your house when it comes to chopping and cutting in the kitchen when you have a pair of kitchen shears at your disposal which helps in the maintenance of a contamination-free kitchen.Check out some other tools from here at power tools pros.

  1. Colander

Although it is possible to use a pot lid to drain your pasta, we can all relate to how ugly the result could turn out to be. This is especially catastrophic when an accident such as the lid slipping occurs thus emptying all your pasta into a potentially contaminated surface. Instead of taking such risks, you can try using a colander which has been built mainly for professionally draining water. In addition to this, colanders make it much easier to wash veggies and fruits, thus adding to their ability to ensure that your kitchen produce is clean.

  1. Can Opener

Have you ever found yourself in a position whereby you’d like to open a pumpkin can, but you are met by the shocking truth that you have no means at your disposal to open it? This can also apply when opening a can of beans, coconut milk or even soup and thus force you to improvise using tools that are potentially contaminated. However, with a can opener in your kitchen, you can avoid such frustrating scenarios in your kitchen as well as ensuring that your cooking habits uphold high standards of health.

Kitchen Décor

Lastly, we can all agree that a kitchen is not complete without a suitable décor as it does a great job of creating an outstanding environment for the preparation of food. The highlight of your kitchen decor is found in making the most conspicuous changes in your kitchen of which the walls are the primary focus.

You could try and view your kitchen through the lens that a visitor would use when seeing your kitchen for the very first time. What do you notice or think about when walking into your kitchen? More often than not, it`s the wall that is directly along your field of vision. This is the wall you should begin renovating and convert into your best kitchen décor accessory.

For this wall and any other that need some color makeover, the best strategy that you should use is finding a perfect three color palette. This can be achieved by grabbing paint swatches in the color shades that you love most and then shuffle them until you get a combination that pleases you.

After finding a signature palette of three colors, ensure that you embark on shopping for accessories that complement it. While shopping for these accessories, you shouldn`t forget that kitchen equipment and appliances like the ones mentioned earlier on play a crucial role in ensuring that your decorating efforts breath more life to your kitchen.


For you to have total control over the sanitary conditions in your kitchen and ensure that you adopt healthy cooking standards, it would be in your best interests to acquire kitchen tools that will help you achieve these objectives. Above is an outstanding list that’s composed of the most efficient as well as health-promoting tools that anyone could have in his/her kitchen. Their importance cannot be overstated, and it would be prudent for you to try at least one of them out if not all of them.

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