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The Man Behind the Drink

Those of you who enjoy the occasional cocktail I’m sure you’ve heard of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. However, you probably have no idea that Captain Morgan was a really bad guy known for looting and ravaging private property. When sailing to Cuba this Welsh pirate plundered the coast and captured Spanish travelers. At one time Captain Morgan even held the city of Portobello, Panama for ransom. The reason the rum was named after him was that he got knighted, became the Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica and had the rum named in his honor.

Tequila drinkers will have heard of Jose Cuervo. His tequila is a quite popular choice. When Jose Antonio de Cuervo received a land grant in 1758 he set up an agave farm in Jalisco, Mexico. The agaves that he grew where used for making Mescal, a popular Mexican liquor. Afterward, his family got permission to produce and distribute bottled tequila.

A popular name for whiskey is Jack Daniels. Daniels was already a whiskey distiller in Lynchburg, Tennessee in his mid-teens. His full name was Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniels. At the age of 18, he was making his own kind of whiskey. Unfortunately for him, he had a hot temper and once when he couldn’t open his strongbox he gave it a hard kick. The result was that his toe was injured, became infected and he died of blood poisoning. However, he left his whiskey for everyone to enjoy.

Anyone who prefers gin knows the name Charles Tanqueray. This man came from a generation of clergymen. He started distilling gin and distributing it to the British Empire colonies in 1847.,jimbeam%20

If you prefer bourbon then Jim Beam is your man a.k.a. Colonel James Beauregard Beam. His bourbon was originally known as Old Tub until the Prohibition ended. Jim Beam then opened a shop and still sold bourbon under the name of Old Tub but also added a special blend of bourbon which has his name on the bottle. Now wouldn’t you rather drink a Jim Beam instead of an Old Tub?


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    • I discovered this article about Captain Morgan and then I got curious about other well-known drinks and if they were real people so that became an article eventually, Norman Usually I think people just know their favorite brand and don’t think much else about it

    • I think for most people it is that way they have their favorite brands and that is all that matters and they don’t consider if there were real people with such names. I found out Captain Morgan existed and then I checked out the others and put this together. I have one more to check so he comes separately

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