The Health 13 example which is just a myth

Most of us do everyday tasks, eating and drinking, because each work is done in some way. Eat this, do not eat it. Do it, don’t do it  but i will say do everything but don’t be the victim of myth. The following is such a few things as explained by medical experts.

1. Eating carrots can sharp eyes vision. Eating carrots feed sharp eyes vision, till today if you were thinking this, so continue eating but change your mind. Due to vitamin A in carrots it can be good for health, but it does not belong to the eyes vision neither i can better your vision.

2. The mineral water in the bottle is excellent for drinking. Even till today, if you were buying and mineral water in the bottle, then do not spend money on the water bottle without any compulsion. According to research, bottle water is neither clean nor bad, but it contain that 50 % ordinary water is in the bottle.

3. Detox removed extra body substances. If you are counted on people who want to get rid of your weight loss as soon as possible, then take them out of the race. There is no such a comprehensive solution to all your health problems immediately. Usually people think that only one Detox which makes your skin, weight, hair-solving problems, it is just your thinking.

It is a liver to remove the extra materials from your body. If you are doing the right thing, you should eat healthy foods. The liver will do its job well. According to Dr. Elizabeth Trenter of Oriental and Integrated Medicine, her favorite Detox have to go somewhere far away in a place where mobile phone signals are not available.

4. Only 10 percent of human brain is used. Often it is said that humans use just 10% of their minds and whats up if remaining 90% of the brain started using? Nothing will happen because medical experts do not agree with this statement because even for a small work a big part of brain is working.

5. Going out with wet hair can make you sick. If you avoid to go out because your hair is wet and cooling will get you sick. The reason for getting sick is the virus and not your wet hair. According to a recent research, the human feel coldness and get sick due to Rhino virus. This virus live in cold, but cold is the not cause of it creation. Another reason might be that people like to stay inside closed house mostly in the cold weather. People do not breathe fresh due to lack of air in the rooms and in such a situation if someone suffering from cold, then you can also suffer from it

6. Right brain work for Logistical people’s and left brain for creative mind. This statement is not verified. Healthy people have been seen in the brain scan, During their creative and logical days, their full mind’s neural networks were active.

7. It is important to drink eight glasses of water in the day. If you are being tired of drinking eight glasses of water daily, do not do so, Just do so that you drink water according to your thirst, and if you are doing this for your skin, So not drinking water for several days will soon be dehydration may occur.if your is dry, this is may be due to low water intake or dry weather.

8. Vaccination is only for children. Just because you are older you can not have a vaccine then you think is wrong. According to medical experts, there are vaccinations for every year age for various diseases. Vaccination is available for every age in case of change of weather or any viral spread, for which your doctor should be consult.

9. Naked foot is useful for a walk-in-health . The naked foot walk is not a matter of health, Neither the medical experts are able to prove this connection.A naked walk, if not done in a suitable place, can also worsen your feet.

10. Hair should wash at least. If you do not wash the hair for long time just because it is preventing from being unhealthy, you do wrong with hair. Hair washing is related to the oil produced in the head roots. For this, it is necessary to keep the hair in proper shape, So that the oil spread evenly in the roots. More oils should be removed from hair. In case of washing, there can be irritation, digestion, grain.

11. Seating straight does not cause pain. Sitting straight up for a long time can be leads to pain, According to medical experts, avoid constantly sitting straight.If you have to do this because of the work then stroll the break all the steps and move around and move, straighten your legs.

12. Fruit or Vegetable Juice is alternate of Soft Drinks . Fruits and vegetables would be very good for health, but their juice could be the problem. That sweetness increases and fiber reduces, due to this sweetness, the insulin level can increase in one’s body.According to medical experts, sugar fats change into form of cell and turn into fat. Which can increase hunger after drinking.Then drink water! Drinking water instead of soda and juice will reduce hunger and drink tea, green tea or coffee,

13. Depression is untreatable. People believe that depression is difficult to avoid and treatable.It is only one myth and is treated as well, but it is possible to treat depression and other mental illnesses. Medical helpers, family members and friends can be taken to rescue depression.


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