Tetra pack food is fatal to health – Research

Many of us like to buy tetra pack food products from the market to save work and time cooking at home, such goods are purchased from the market, which just needs to fry and start eating.

Are you one of in those people who eat tetra pack nutritious foods? So, today, know its dangerous loss. A research conducted in France revealed that pro-processed foods in the tetra pack increase the risk of premature death. In this research thousands of French citizen food habits were reviewed.

Experts saw that those who were addicted to tetra pack foods and the risk of premature death was found in them due to various diseases. Earlier in Several researches it has been told this, that proceeded foods can give birth to various diseases.

According to experts, packaged products stored in supermarkets, including meat, are preserved by salt to save from being damaged and this salt when mix with other ingredient, it become unhealthy. Which can cause cancer and premature death.

Research said that these results are not yet finalized and requires more comprehensive research.


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