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Teen goes blind after eating only junk food


Remember when you were a kid and your parents always told you, “Eat your vegetables?”  You went on to eat those vegetables even though you mumbled under your breath, or you ate a few of the veggies on your plate only to sneak your way to the garbage can and slide them off of your plate while your parents were not looking.  Back in the day, you still ate fruits and vegetables whether you liked them or not.

In either case, you still have eaten a wide array of fruits and vegetables during your life because there never was an option to not eat fruits and vegetables.  Well, here is the reason why your parents told you to eat your vegetables.  A parent in the UK allowed for her child to only eat white bread, chips (french fries), crisps (potato chips), bangers (sausage links), and processed deli meat for his entire childhood.

He developed what is called nutritional optic neuropathy which caused the teenager to become legally blind from not eating fruits and vegetables.  Therefore, when your parents told you to eat your carrots or you would go blind, then you really could have went blind.


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