Tea Pairings for Christmas

It’s that time of the year again when one could just sit in the mellow sun and savor a cup of afternoon tea!

Talking of tea, I happened to be a part of the International Tea Day (celebrated across tea-producing Asian and African countries). I was at a boutique tea house and boy- the spread was lavish!

There’s always talks about confections around coffee, and when it comes to teas, we tend to stick to the traditional cookies and simple tea cakes. And then there’s me- who always breaks the conventions of traditional cooking.

Here’s my five favorite snacks you will love to pair with that cup of coziness.

Happy Holidays to all and enjoy your winter tea time!

#1 Apple Tea Cake

Yes, this is traditional nonetheless, but there's a twist to the tale of this tea-cake. I usually bake it the way it's supposed to but I serve it with an apple compote. Goes with Oolong or Darjeeling teas. For a balanced flavor try it with apple or mint teas.

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#2 Bacon Tart with Jam

Crispy bacon and a fruit preserve, boiled eggs (optional)  with a pinch of salt, pepper and orange zest (oranges replace limes and lemons in my kitchen most of the time)-savory with a tangy-sweet after-taste. Goes with black or white teas or mint tea.

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#3 Gresian Salad (Greek & Asia; not misspelled for Grecian) 🙂

Salad and tea? Don't be surprised. With recent healthy diet options, I discovered that salads actually go well with teas of subtle blends. 

This is my medley of Greek and Asian salad. Greek cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions, a handful of pomegranate seeds, pulp of 1 whole orange,coriander/cilantro and mint leaves- all tossed in the juice of the orange that you used for the salad base (squeeze out any that is left after removing the pulp), salt and pepper.Add a dash of olive oil if you wish. This goes well with white teas and other mild infusions. 

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#4 Orange Cake with cinnamon

This orange cake is simple, light and goes with your classic orange spice tea or any other herbal tea. To balance the flavor of the tea, I whisk the egg yolk with a little cinnamon and nutmeg powder and lots of orange zest and then add the rest of the ingredients for baking.

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#5 Crackers with jam

It's my childhood favorite and kids love these. But aren't we all kids when it comes to good food? Two crackers, with a generous spread of any fruit jam (or marmalade),  sandwiched together; it's utter decadence! You can also try any other creamy spread like hazelnut . A quick fix with your afternoon tea is ready!

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