Taste Test – 3

The Campaign had gone fantastically.

The Directors were congratulating themselves on a brilliant idea.  Give free tastes of their new beverage to the public, and let them pick a name.

Do it by computer so that the process is streamlined.

Then, move to the next level.

Have the public vote on the names already in the system.

By this time  there were thousands of names in the system.

One had three votes, and could cast them as they chose.

The company made a great deal about the public naming the drink. This was repeated on every announcement.  The Public would name the drink.

At the end of Stage Two; where the purpose was to get down to twenty names; most of the votes were for ‘Snot.’

Having made such a big deal about the public naming the drink, and so many people aware the name ‘Snot’ was being considered, the company was in a quandary.


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